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You know those moments in your life when you try really hard to do the right thing but you end up in a position that you actively tried to avoid in the first place? Today, that happened to us.

As you may have been aware, we have always tried to avoid the use of palm oil related ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner bars. This is something really important as a brand, but also important to the flora and fauna of the world. 

In October of 2019, as written on our Facebook page “(we) removed the ingredient 'Cetyl Alcohol' [from our conditioner bars] because after the conversation with our ingredient supplier (we came) to the conclusion that we can not be sure that it's 100% palm oil free. Apparently, the Vegan version is a combination of coconut oil + vegetable oil.” (See Facebook post here.) We removed this ingredient because we were not satisfied with its foundations and hence believed that from this point onwards we were now palm oil free. This is when we made the mistake.

Fast forward to 2021, we have been contacted this week by Palm Oil Investigations in regards to the BTMS 50 & Grape Fruit Seed Extract in our conditioner bars. 

In regards to the BTMS 50, we opted for plant based version because the normal version was not Vegan (and we did not find this acceptable) so we were given a version that is made from Rapeseed Oil instead. However, upon further investigation today and contact with the supplier, we have been told that BTMS 50 contains a small % of cetyl alcohol, which is palm oil derived. This means that a small % of our conditioner bars contain palm oil. 

That being said, the supplier has assured us that responsibly sourced palm oil is used for the BTMS 50 Rapeseed Oil ingredient. However moving forward, we will assume it would contain traces of palm oil regardless, considering the same machines could be used to manufacture all versions of the BTMS 50. 

We have also contacted the Grape Fruit Seed Extract manufacturer and we are still waiting for a response. However, we will remove this ingredient from our conditioner bars regardless as we’ve now learnt that ‘vegetable glycerin’ can be included in the composition. 

We would like to thank Palm Oil Investigations for shedding light on the ingredients in our list that could potentially contain palm oil. It is something that we take very seriously and when researching ingredients in our bars we tried our very best to ensure that we were ethically doing the right thing when it came to palm oil. (We even removed one ingredient for this reason in October 2019 - as above). We’re really happy that we got this opportunity to re-evaluate our ingredient list and double-check with suppliers to ensure what we are being told is what we believe to be true. 

It is now on our list to find a suitable alternative to BTMS 50 Rapeseed Oil (the Vegan version) and we will keep you informed. In the meantime, we have removed any palm oil free references we have made from 16th February 2021 onwards. (If you see one prior to this it is because we have believed it to be true - but please point them out so we can amend it ASAP!)

For all of those following along, we thank you for your ongoing support, and as a small ONE MUM Aussie business we/I/me is just trying to do my best as much as I can and as often as I can. I am sorry that I thought we were something when we were not. Sometimes things just slip through the keeper and I’ll probably punish myself for ages over this. 😞

Yours sincerely, 




  • Removal of Grape Seed Extract from all of our new conditioner bars moving forward. As we are a low waste brand we do not want to throw out what we already have. We will also cross out the ingredient from any labels we have printed and will update the ingredient list moving forward.
  • We have removed any palm oil free claims from our website or socials. However, we are aware that there might be some replies prior to the 16th February 2021 where I was incorrect. (Please contact us if you find one). 
  • We will look to source an alternative ingredient for the BTMS 50 Rapeseed oil in the conditioner bars. This is our top priority moving forward as we wish to work towards being palm oil free. We will keep you posted.
  • Key learnings - double check, triple check and constantly check our ingredients so that in the event the supplier changes anything that we are informed. 
  • Upskill myself in palm oil derivatives and be aware of hidden inclusions. 
  • Products affected - Appley Ever After & Blonde Way Or Another Conditioner Solibars. 

If you would like to chat further about any of the above please feel free to send us a message.


October 2019 post: