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Awesome Foursome SHAMPOO Solibar Bundle


Get the whole gang of shampoo bars for your party of four. 


Can't decide? Want to try them all? Now you can. We've put all of our best friends together and are sending them out as a team. 

The bar - Blonde Way Or Another - perfect for blondes and silver foxes. is designed to brighten those light-haired locks. 

The bar - If You Like Pina Coladas - is loaded with Zinc and Shea Butter to give your hair natural luminance. 

The bar - Kiss By A Rose - has double the secret power ingredients, French Pink Clay & Alkanet Root to build hair strength and length.

The bar - Lemon-e Blow Ya Mind - is the one for that fresh citrus hit and the relaxing benefits of French Yellow Clay to help a sensitive scalp.  

*All of our bars contain natural ingredients, are Vegan friendly and tested only on us. Check out how to care for your bar here.

**If you have sensitivities, we recommend you check the ingredients above and patch test prior to use. 

***As our Solibars are handmade, weight can differ a little. We aim for 95grams per bar**