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Blonde Way Or Another Shampoo Bar Bundle

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Blonde Way Or Another Shampoo Bar Bundle
Blonde Way Or Another Shampoo Bar Bundle
Blonde Way Or Another Shampoo Bar Bundle


This is the shampoo bar for all the Blondie's out there. (This bundle contains 3x Blonde Way Or Another Shampoo Bars). 


We've taken the best ingredients from our illuminating Pina Colada shampoo bar and put them into this berry scented goddess to restore your blonde and silver to its shiny glory. 

We support blondes/silvers through - Purple Mica - is responsible for that gorgeous violet that is designed to balance your yellow tinge and return it to brilliance. 

The secret (or not so secret) ingredient is Zinc. Not only does it provide wonderful UV protection, but it is also great for hair growth by promoting healthy hair follicles. We've combined this with a hint of lime to ensure you're shaken not stirred. We love the luminosity of zinc and it was a no-brainer inclusion in our Blonde Way Or Another Bar. 

As our Blonde Way Or Another Solibar is made from natural ingredients and is really gentle, it can be used daily to keep you bright and white. 

Check out how to care for your bar here. 


Our Blonde Way Or Another Solid Haircare Bar is 95 grams & contains the following ingredients: Coconut Oil, Water, Olive Oil, Caustic Soda, Castor Oil, 
Shea Butter, Zinc Oxide, Purple Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Blueberry Cobbler Fragrance.

*All of our bars contain natural ingredients, are Vegan-friendly and tested only on us. 

**If you have sensitivities, we recommend you check the ingredients above and patch test prior to use. 

***As our Solibars are handmade, weight can differ a little. We aim for 95grams per bar***

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