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Ultimate SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle


A shampoo and conditioner bar for every-bar-dy! This ultimate bundle includes one of each of the 4 shampoo bars + 4 conditioner bars. 

The bar - Blonde Way Or Another - perfect for blondes and silver foxes. is designed to brighten those light-haired locks. 

The bar - If You Like Pina Coladas - is loaded with Zinc and Shea Butter to give your hair natural luminance. 

The bar - Kiss By A Rose - has double the secret power ingredients, French Pink Clay & Alkanet Root to build hair strength and length.

The bar - Lemon-e Blow Ya Mind - is the one for that fresh citrus hit and the relaxing benefits of French Yellow Clay to help a sensitive scalp.  

Then 4 x Appley Ever After conditioner bars - the happily ever after that your hair has been missing. Designed to keep your locks smooth and shiny.