Q: Why should I use a violet shampoo? 💜

Q: Why should I use a violet shampoo? 💜

Are you BLONDE or SILVER? Do you sometimes find your hair turning brassy or losing its shine? Have you considered making the switch to a purple/violet shampoo?

We want to take a moment and dive into the real reasons why silvers and blondes might require a little extra help in keeping their hair light and bright...
We know that being blonde (whether natural or treated) is hard work. Your hair is sensitive to so many elements, including water; weather, products, and heat tools. Being prone to breakage is also a consideration in selecting the right hair products. And let's not forget the sheer cost of maintaining such a colour. 

We also know that being silver can sometimes just be just as hard. Silver/grey hair can also be just as sensitive. It's generally thinner and drier than coloured strands and requires more moisture. Contrary to popular belief it's not more coarse, it's only an illusion because as we age sebum production in our scalp decreases, thus making us believe our grey hair is more coarse. Silver hair is also more prone to sun damage, as it is lacking in colour pigments or has less melanin. 

The common issue with blondes/silvers have is trying to maintain their light and bright colour throughout the month. There are several causes for that brassy/yellow colour appearing on your strands, sometimes you can avoid them and sometimes you just can't.

Let's outline the main causes of yellowing in blondes & silvers:

  • Hard water - a high concentration of minerals in your shower water makes keeping your hair white hard work. (We'd recommend a shower filter). 
  • Chlorine or salt water - as blonde hair is porous, it's able to absorb the water easily leaving your hair yellow or even green. (We'd suggest wetting your hair with fresh water prior to entering the water so that it doesn't absorb as much chlorine or salt).
  • At home peroxides/dyes - these colours are designed to lift/lighten your hair to only a couple of levels and sometimes these aren't strong enough lighten your hair enough to avoid the yellow in between.
  • Pollution/smoke - can be easily absorbed into your porous strands and can change the tone and shine of light hair. (We'd recommend doing an acid rinse to stop build up).
  • Medicationscan also have an effect on hair colour. (We suggest you speak to your GP about this one if you're concerned). 
  • Heat tools - can damage the hair cuticle which is already sensitive due to being colour treated. Damaged cuticles are more likely to lose their colour and result in warmer tones/yellow. (Get yourself a heat protector).
  • Dietis hugely important to your overall hair health, eating the right nutrients helps with hair growth, hair loss and even colour. 
  • Hormoneswhether it be adolescence, pregnancy, menopause or general life, hormones play a big role in regulating sebum production in your scalp and as a result, can change hair colour, thickness, oiliness, and basically everything. (YAY!)
  • Natural pigmentationif you're not a natural cool/ash blonde, chances are you have a natural level of brass already. It means that despite all of the above, you will always need to use a toner and/or a violet shampoo to defeat the brassiness. 
  • Sulphate based shampoosas you know these are designed to strip your hair of moisture and whilst doing so, they will also strip colour. (That's why we don't have any sulphates in our Solibars...EVER!). 

Never fear, there is a solution!

Enter VIOLET shampoo. 

As purple is the exact opposite colour to orange in the colour wheel, it is able to balance and restore the clean blonde/white strands by cancelling out the golden glow. Violet shampoos are also a great addition for brunettes who also may experience brassiness throughout the month. 
So, we created a natural purple Solibar called - Blonde Way Or Another. It's got purple mica in it to help you to keep your hair light and bright. Mica is a natural mineral that is used in a lot of cosmetics and soaps. Its crystalline structure helps to reflect light and keep your hair bright. We also made sure we put in zinc oxide, as it is naturally luminous and also may help to protect your hair from UV damage. (We'd also suggest using a UV protector spray if you're blonde and out in the sun a lot). 
Blonde Way Or Another 
**Remember, as always our Solibars are natural, which means that they are really gentle. This means that our Blonde Way Or Another Solibar can be used daily. However, if you have a high level of brassiness, then we'd suggest a toner in addition to our Blonde Way Or Another bar. 
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