How to use a Solibar

We know, we’re asking you to change. But we promise it will be totally worth it.
Solid Haircare is the way of the future. We love it and you will too.

The question on your lips, how to use it?

The first thing you should do is use the clarifying sachet that comes with your first order. This will help to remove any previous product build up and give you the best chance of seeing instant results with our natural shampoo bars. (If you want more information on why you should use a clarifying shampoo & how to prepare your hair for natural shampoo read this article here.)
1) We recommend the best way to use the bar is to lather up between your fingers, until you’ve got the bubbles going. And then head straight for your hair.
2) Alternatively if you have thicker hair you might want to rub the bar directly into your hair, focus especially at the back of the head. Make sure with either option you keep the bar as dry as possible. 
Lather up and scrub until clean then rinse. See video below.
So here’s the difference, our shampoo bars will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean. And we mean squeaky clean. To make the most of the bar we suggest leaving the rinsed hair for a few minutes while you scrub yourself. This will let the essential oils get to work.
You’ll find that your hair may or may not need conditioner (why) to follow. Other options include an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. (Read more)
For best results, we recommend a couple of washes as this will cleanse your hair from the nasty chemicals built up by regular shampoo and it is at this point you will begin to feel the difference.
After using, please store your Solibar in a dry space away from drips. This will ensure the bar will have enough time to dry out in between washes 
& last longer. #Winning

Our Solibar Conditioner is really easy to use,
just simply rub the bar directly onto ends and moving up to the roots.
Remember that our shampoo bar is quite nourishing, so you might only need little of the conditioner bar, on the ends only.


**Styling tip - due to the natural oils within our bars, please make sure that your hair is rinsed entirely before styling with heat tools.**

Here are some blog posts we've written on all things natural and transition phase:
The Transition Phase:
Why you might not need a conditioner:

Feel free to jump into our Facebook Group - The Solibar Society - to join the conversation on all things plastic-free, transition, & how to use.
***If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you patch test your Solibar on your skin & wait 24 hours before use. 

As an Aussie Small Business reviews are everything...


Based on 489 reviews

Been using Solibar for around 4 years and very happy to keep purchasing well into the future. Great shampoo and conditioner.

Blonde Way Or Another SHAMPOO Solibar

good for hubby

Regrettably I find Solibar is too harsh for my hair. I purchase it for my hubby who does not mind which variety. He is quite satisfied with the results.

Great shampoo

I like the convenience of the solid shampoo bar, particularly when travelling. It makes my hair feel very clean. Very happy with the product.

Everything here rocks

Ian so glad I found you guys on a blog post about the no-shampoo movement. Best shampoos and conditioners without sulfates or other crap. My hair is healthier and shinier than it has ever been ! A+++ is what I grade this.

Rock the Face Bar

Been using this bar for a couple of years. Love the way it cleanses gently & face feels so smooth after. Sometimes I even forget to moisturise!!. Thanks Em for this nourishing Face Bar. It really Rocks.

Not for me

I found that this shampoo stripped my hair to not being able to move it on my scalp, so for me disappointing,
I gave it to my neighbour who has the same white hair, she loves it and her hair looks lovely after being washed

Having been using this for a while - love it! Keeps my hair and scalp clean with no build up.

It works

Some years ago I watched with alarm as my hair thinned and fell out, leaving an unsightly bald patch on my crown. My research convinced me I had female hereditary baldness and very little could be done. I was wrong. Once I began washing my hair with Solibar exclusively my hair began to thicken and grow back. After about a year I had full coverage and my hair was quite thick. The bald patch was gone, Now, hairdressers often comment on the quality of my hair, given my age (I’m 71). Thank you Solibar.

3 x SHAMPOO Bars + 2 x CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle
Sandra Biagioni
Best bars

I first started using Solibar to cut down on plastics and animal products. I don’t use anything else now and was lucky enough to not go through a transitional process. I used to use a lot of conditioner and now I barely need it. The bars last such a long time too so they are very economical. Plus they smell great.

If You Like Pina Coladas Shampoo Solibar

I could not go back to normal shampoo ever! My fine hair has never been better and I don’t need to wash my hair every day anymore! Also love Blond Way Or Another and Lemon-E Blow Ya Mind

Wonderful Product

I’ve been using Solibar Blonde Way Shampoo and Conditioner Bars for a few years now. I only use the conditioner on hair ends when using hairdryer. My hair is healthy, the colour treatment lasts longer and I’m very happy to have found Solibar.

Like it.

From day one I have had no problems with this bar.

Rock The Facebar Bundle
Margaret Pridham
Best face cleanser ever

This face bar leaves my skin feeling lovely, clean and soft. Since trying it I won’t use any other face cleanser.

love my purple bars

I have been using "Blonde another Way' shampoo and conditioner bars for well over two years now. The effect on my hair is wonderful -no more yellowing at the ends of the hair.
My hairdresser always comments on how healthy my hair looks to her- that says a lot as she doesn't recommend one of her products.
The hardness of the bars have changed as Solibar has perfected the formula. The shampoo has just the right amount of sudsy-ness. It lasts for longer than it used to which means I get plenty of washes out of it.
The conditioner bar is much harder and has taken awhile for me to get used to. The conditioner doesn't have the same slipperiness that might be expected from conditioner in the hair, but it is still doing its job. The result is that the conditioner bar lasts easily through 2 shampoo bars. This makes me happy!
I appreciate the shampoo and conditioner bar system because I really dislike having so much plastic waste.
Thank you Solibar for solving my hair washing and conditioning.

Regular purchaser

I love the simplicity and feel of this face bar.

Works well

I use the purple bar. It lathers well the first time around. I'm on my second bar and am completely happy.

Love these

This should be a 10 star review! Please fix if it did not come out that way

I am part of the no-poo movement but the baking soda system wasn’t working. I was so happy to find these bars and they did not disappoint! So happy with how they work! A+ ladies!

Shampoo and cleanser

Both are fantastic!!! So pleased I started using the shampoo. Wonderful product!!

The purple bar

I have been using purple shampoo for a while and I’ll admit I was sceptical at the price and reliability of the Solibar product. I am now on my second order, and I find Solibar to be very good value for money compared to the store bought similar product and it simply works much better. I used to need to wash my hair almost every day but after a week of Solibar I now wash my hair once a week. So far I’m just onto my second bar and I started using it 8 months ago. I put in my second order which was filled 40 days ago and I’m no where near opening that package. It just lasts for ages. I love the results it gives every time and once I thought it expensive I now think it’s cheap. I recommend this product to all I speak to about hair care. Just keep the bar dry and it just keeps on giving you great results. I use the conditioner as well. Great product and I’m never changing.

Purple shampoo

I can’t believe how long my shampoo bar lasts. My first order was 7 months ago and I haven’t finished the second bar or the conditioner yet. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. It’s fabulous. Just ordered and received my second order but I don’t think I’ll open it till way after Xmas. Great value for money and it works just the way you want it to.

Never going back to bottled stuff. This works really well, and no plastic waste

Great solid shampoo

My hair has responded so well, much less frizz. And the bars take up so little room, much better for travel.

Love the bars. Very satisfied customer. Would love feedback on introducing small travel packs.

Great shampoo. Made in Australia, not tested on animals. I’ve used Solibar shampoo & conditioner for a number of years and am very happy! Try it!!