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Kiss By A Rose Shampoo Solibar

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Kiss By A Rose Shampoo Solibar
Solibar kiss by a rose shampoo bar
Solibar Natural Vegan Solid Haircare Shampoo Bar
Solibar Natural Vegan Solid Haircare Shampoo Bar
Solibar Natural Vegan Solid Haircare Shampoo Bar
Rose Geranium Essential Oil in Solibar Solid Haircare Shampoo Bar
Alkanet Root in Solibar Solid Haircare Shampoo Bar
Kiss By A Rose Shampoo Solibar
Kiss By A Rose Shampoo Solibar

We can guarantee that this shampoo bar will make your hair sing in the shower like Seal. 


It’s made from Rose Geranium Essential Oil which is perfect to balance both oily and dry hair. It's also got Lavender Essential Oil which has been known to provide deep conditioning and added shine. 

The first secret ingredient - French Pink Clay - and if you haven't heard of it before it's wonderful for your hair. It helps to remove build-up from your scalp and strands while cleansing your scalp from dead skin cells, flakiness and excess oil. Which means healthy new hair can grow in its place. 

The second secret ingredient - Alkanet Root - which has been known to strengthen hair, put the brakes on premature greying and help prevent baldness. It's so incredible that we just had to include it! 

Our Kiss By A Rose bar has no nasties so it will help to cleanse your hair from product build-up and strengthen those luscious locks. 

Check out how to care for your bar here. 

FYI - If you have very fine hair we would not recommend the rose bar. Please opt for the Pina Colada or Lemon-e Blow Ya Mind instead. 

We also recommend that you consider these ingredients below if you are pregnant or lactating. 


Our Kiss By A Rose Solid Haircare Bar is 95 grams & contains the following ingredients: Coconut Oil, Water, Olive Oil, Caustic Soda, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, French Pink Clay, Rosemary Essential Oil, Rose Pink Food Colouring 122, Alkanet Root.

*All of our bars contain natural ingredients, are Vegan-friendly and tested only on us. 

**If you have sensitivities, we recommend you check the ingredients above and patch test prior to use. 

***As our Solibars are handmade, weight can differ a little. We aim for 95grams per bar***

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Fuller hair after just one wash

I am stocked about how my hair feels after just one wash with the Solibar shampoo. It smells amazing, super easy to use and my hair feels and looks great - it’s fuller, shiny and soft. My hair feels a bit squeaky at the start (while I wash it), but I have no issues brushing my hair and it feels so much better once dry than with other shampoos. Glad I made the switch to a natural and plastic free product! Will buy again.

Calma Chameleon

I find this one really good on my sensitive itchy scalp. Calms it right down. Itchyness and dryness is probably 85% to 90% better than anything I have ever used. I still struggle with getting the condition of my hair right. I definitely lose less than ever before but just can't get the conditioner right. Not sure if it drys my hair or is too heavy for it, hair can feel thick and dry on top/outer section of my hair but slighty greasy on the rest underneath. I have half a head of blonde foils. I alternate between Blonde Way or Another and Chameleon. Blonde way is better with blonde section, less dry but still a bit greasy underneath. I mainly use just the ACV, well watered down. Have tried white vinegar but is too heavy. I do try both the condition bars at times while still trying to work it out but not sure if they really help or make it heavier. Anyway, they are perfect on both my daughters untreated hair, lots of shine and movement. I will get there with mine in time. :-)

Jenni Vranesic
Great product

During COVID I’ve transitioned from dyed to silver hair, and now from supermarket purple shampoo to blond way or another. Hair feels soft and clean. The transition saw very dull gray hair but after a few weeks now the sparkle is coming back. I’ll be sticking with it and have ordered the conditioner to see if that increases the shine even more.

Lia Zalums
My hair literally shines for days after using Kiss By A Rose Shampoo Solibar

I was sceptical about using soap on my hair at first because it is bleached and coloured and I have only used high end salon shampoos and conditioners for the last 20 years or more! Well you can imagine my surprise after my first Solibar shampoo - first the smell was divine and uniquely fresh and my hair altered beautifully which made it feel clean, and then as it dried I loved the silky soft feel and body and bounce it has. Several weeks in now and even though my hair is in dire need of a cut and colour, and normally at this time feels dry and spindly, by using Solibar I notice the texture, the softness and the shine is making it bearable to go a little while longer without a good cut. Thankyou Solibar! I get better quality hair now for literally half the price of those expensive salon shampoos.

Sally May

I love every thing about it except the perfume. Would it be possible to make it unscented!
I will however continue to use it and just hold my nose!!