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Sitting at home one afternoon, I was watching my toddler play with her toys, most of which are made from plastic in one way or another. It got me thinking.

The world we live in today is all about the end result. We choose products for the desired outcome without considering the consequences of these products and furthermore their effect on our health or the environment. 🌿

There are chemical additions to everything we eat, we use, we clean and even we wear. These chemicals are the bad guys. And whilst they have allowed us to achieve a higher form of convenience, they are resulting in a lower form of health.

Born out of the need to find a product that doesn’t contain unnecessary chemicals for my toddler, I created a shampoo bar called Solibar.

Solibar is a natural and Vegan shampoo bar that is designed to moisturise your hair whilst giving you the amazing benefits of carefully sourced natural ingredients.

As a baseline, all of my Solibar’s contain Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil and shea butter. Where they differ is the inclusion of super ingredients like Zinc, Alkanet Root, French Pink Clay, and French Yellow Clay – which are all incredible ingredients designed to promote hair growth and keep sensitivities at bay.

The best part – they’re all handmade in Melbourne! Which makes them individually unique but loveable at the same time. 🇦🇺

I wanted to create a shampoo bar that was going to:

 shampoo your hair in the same way as conventional shampoo 💆‍♀️

 be the best option for healthy haircare & not contain any nasties 🌿

 decrease the need for conditioner, by creating a bar that is moisturising  🙋‍♀️

 not contribute to the already increasing rubbish created by plastic bottles 🌏

But most of all, I wanted to create a Solibar that was great for my daughter. ❤️

If you're interested you can follow my healthy haircare journey on Insta - @msmmango 

Love Em 

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