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Shampoo bar VS bottled shampoo

We know - you have to wash your hair!

We realised - that there are so many chemicals in traditional shampoo, so many that we can’t even remember them all.

We thought - how can we make a change that is not only good for your hair & skin, but has positive benefits on the environment?

And so, Solibar was born. We sourced natural ingredients & we added some handmade love to create a natural & Vegan haircare range especially for you.

So here are the three reasons why they’re better and you should make the switch:

    1. They’re Australian, handmade, natural & Vegan! Which means no nasty chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils, and leave build up on your scalp. Which means they are the best choice for your hair, skin and even the drain. If you don’t believe us, google the words - 'sodium lauryl sulfate'.

    2. The BAR!  It comes as it is, it does not require any bottles, lids, jars or pumps to use. This means that unnecessary waste is not being created or winding up in the bin. Less shampoo bottles means less plastic waste, and less plastic waste means better for the environment.

    3. They’re cheaper! Our solid haircare bars are highly concentrated, which means you need less per wash. This means you can get many more hair washes out of one bar.  (We suggest you follow the storage instructions on the ‘How to use’ page to increase the longevity of your shampoo bar).