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Solibar Reviews

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Based on 416 reviews
Chamanthi Powell
Good for smaller bars

Works well, let’s the bar dry out. Shampoo bars are a bit big but perfect for face bar

Blonde way is great

The blonde way shampoo bar is really great for my naturally grey hair. It stops any yellowing and feels fantastic without having to use conditioners.

Kiss By A Rose Shampoo Solibar?

Not happy with it

Tilly’s soap

My Tilly loves it and she smells soo good

No turning back!

It had got to the stage where my baby-fine hair was looking oily the morning following a wash! I'd tried so many different hair soaps - been buying bars for years now - and was constantly disappointed but determined not to revert to plastic bottles again.

And then I found Solibar's Pina Coladas on the internet, made a purchase and couldn't believe the result! My hair now stays full and shiny for three days at least, which didn't even happen with expensive salon shampoos. Thank you Em and team - your science really does work!

no more rubbish

I first ordered it a year or so ago, for the sake of not having any containers to get rid of, but I found that the product is so great, I will never buy shampoo or conditioner in a plastic bottle again.

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Lynette Barkley

Love the products

Pina Colada Shampoo

works well

Grey goddess

I've used natural purple shampoos and conditioners in the past and when I ran out I decided to try solibar. I love it. The shampoo lathers up really easily and the conditioner leaves my hair soft and smooth. It was a big decision to go natural in my mid 40s but this product gives me the perfect shade of steel grey and banishes the brassy colour that seeps in. I have short hair and I think this a bar will last me well over a year, using it 2-3 times a week.

Lemon shampoo

Very good pleased with it like the smell

Hair shampoo

Hi shampoo is good just wondering do you conditioner in other scents to match shampoo

yellowing hair cure

I've been using the solibar Blonde Way for 2 years now and am very satisfied with the results. My hair is silver and it picks up yellow tones very easily from the environment. Using the Blonde Way shampoo bar every time I shampoo is the best and healthiest way to remove yellowing while I cleanse my hair. When I add in the conditioner bar my hair ends up not just looking great but feeling soft and clean. There isn't any grimy residue or slick feeling just nice clean hair. Thank you to Em and the team at Solibar for formulating a shampoo bar that looks after my hair while I look after the environment!
Great work!

It was Liz NOT Hugh who bought the item

Awesome Foursome SHAMPOO Solibar Bundle

Shampoo and conditioner

Used regularly for three weeks and hated it. My hair was stringy and coarse, never felt soft or clean. Will not purchase again.

Love this product!

I started buying Solibar to reduce plastic, but now I wouldn't buy anything else.


Great for my grey hair

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Barbara Foster
Top service and product

My hair has never been so shiny! Excellent response and service :)

Easy Hair

Love my Solibar shampoo- Blonde way or another- helping me to gray graciously. I now wash my hair a maximum of twice a week instead of daily with an occasional conditioner. So easy!

Lisa Harris
Block docks are great

Keeping our shampoo , conditioner and face bars in these block docks are highly recommended, they dry out in between use and keep them out of contact of water so they last longer. Buy yourself some!!!!

Healthy Hair

Love Solibar solid hair care! I have been using Solibar shampoo and conditioner bars for about 3 years. No plastic bottles, bars are effective, long lasting and reasonably priced.

Fabulous as usual

Solibar is all I use & very pleased 👍

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Solibar Shampoo

I love that the Silibars are so ECO friendly. I livwe them for my hair, too.

Hair shampoo

Makes hair nice and soft

Amazing shampoo bar

Just a little too small for price and doesn’t last long