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Solibar Reviews

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Based on 336 reviews
Three SHAMPOO Bundle
louise trenberth
Loved my bundle😊

I recently bought the blonde way or another shampoo bar to try on my blonde /greying shoulder length hair.
It was amazing... left my hair soft but with lots of body and I found that I don't need to use conditioner, which is great as it always left my hair limp.
I have now ordered the bundle so could add a Piña Coladas for my husband.
All round excellent product.

Blonde way shampoo bar

Love it on my blonde hair, always feels good after and get about 4-5days between washes


Both hubby & I like this

Solibar Blonde One Way or Another Shampoo and conditioner

Love this product and have been using it for 2 years now. I always buy the 3 bar bundle and every 12 months or so I buy the 2 Shampoo and 1 conditioner bundle. The conditioner lasts a very long time - you only need to use a small amount. Wonderful product, highly recommended.

Very happy first time customer

I haven’t enjoyed washing my hair for years but I do now! I’m so glad I’ve changed to your beautiful natural products. My hair is less oily & flaky. It feels lighter & has more body and my natural curl has come back. After 4 weeks I feel it is still transitioning so when it gets oily & dense I put a rinse through which really helps. I look forward to it improving even more & becoming healthier. Thank you so much

Smooth and silky

The face are is really luxurious to use, cleans my face very well and leaves my skin nice and soft.

No more plastic

So glad to have a cleanser that isn't in a plastic container! Works and environmentally friendly.

Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser

husband likes it

I tried Solibar and found it too harsh for my hair. I'm in my 60's and having trouble finding a suitable shampoo or substitute and have tried a lot of different products. However my husband really likes Solibar and wanted me to order some more for him.

Love it

Will never go back to supermarket brands!


What can I say? All of Solibar’s products are faultless

Soft, shiny hair!

I recently ordered the Blonde Way or Another shampoo and conditioner bundle. It arrived very promptly, but unfortunately there was a mistake in the order. I contacted Em and by return post my order was rectified! Excellent customer service! The scent of the shampoo is lovely. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 3 weeks and my hair is so easy to style now. ( white wavy/ curly hair with a mind of its own!) Now it's soft and really shiny! So, I would highly recommend this product to anyone with similar hair. The bars are also lasting really well. I stand them up on end in a small container and this stops them from getting soggy. Once you get used to them the bars are easy to use. They lather up really well and rinse out quickly. An excellent product - and Eco- friendly too!

Blonde Conditioner & 3 pack shampoo

When I finally received the correct bar (was accidentally sent another shampoo,and wondered why my hair ended up a tad too dry)...but end result is fantastic! My hair feels so much better after just one go (with shampoo and Conditioner), can't wait for the next wash to really feel the daughter swears by it!!!

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Kerri Jean Carroll
Long time user….

I wouldn’t use anything but Solibar, my hair is healthy and I know it’s safe for everyone in the family! Easy to use and Solibar family is just so easy to deal with, they give so much back to their customers. It’s hard to take the leap as you think you need this and that! I wash and go I ain’t got time for anything else. Live life simple!

Blonde way or another Conditioner

I don’t use the conditioner much as the Shampoo.
I prefer using just the Shampoo as it makes your hair so soft like you have used conditioner anyway.
I get a bit frustrated with the soap bar breaking into smaller pieces. If there is a holder that could keep it intact, for example a cotton pouch bag. It could be washed and reused for the next bar.
Also it is hard to create a lather. I have followed your directions but we also have hard water here.
Otherwise I’m a happy customer.

Lovely shampoo, great lather!

I have tried several different solid bars over the last little while, and was ready to give up and return to the plastic bottle. I have very thick curly hair, and the solids just would not lather up. It was taking an age to wash and condition my hair. Then I heard about Solibar, and the review that caught my eye was “Lathers really well”. So I thought, one more try then. And I’m so pleased. Solibar lathers beautifully, leaves my hair feeling really clean and fresh. Thank you!

Smells so good!!!

Love the smell so much!

Love it so much

Really happy I made the change to plastic less product Sol shampoo and conditioner. I was dubious as to if it was going to be able to do the job. Well YES it does. Lathers, cleans and conditions leaving my hair in great condition. Was very surprised by this product can recommend it highly

Great shampoo for grey hair

This shampoo is great for my naturally silver hair. My hair often picks up colour from pollution (eg cigarette smoke ... not mine) and this Solibar gets rid of it easily without the need for harsh chemicals. Love it

I a very pleased with my Solibar conditioner which complements my use of the Solibar shampoo. Ve...

I am very pleased with both my conditioner & shampoo for blonde & gone they work very well in conjunction with each other. Very Satisfied & will continue to use.

Blonde way or another shampoo

Love it

Totally changed my face cleaning. Feels great

Blonde SHAMPOO Solibar Bundle
Jo Golding

Blonde SHAMPOO Solibar Bundle

Not for me

Really dissapointed, this was just not right for my hair. I persisted for 3 weeks, used a ACV rinse twice and my hair was still covered in a residue, even my hands were after handling the bar. I don't doubt this is a great product, just not for me.

Great product, Love the smell, and I know I’m helping to save the environment 😍