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Solibar Reviews

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Based on 376 reviews
Solibar Shampoo Bars are fantastic

I was using the Rose shampoo bar and getting excellent results but needed to wash my hair each alternate day. I changed to Pina Coladas & was very happy with the results. I now only wash my hair every third, or occasionally fourth day. It is soft and manageable. My hairdresser confirmed my hair is in great condition. Best of all I love the fact that I’m using natural products on my scalp. Keep up the good work Em - your shampoo bars are the best!

My Block Dock

I have mine sitting on the outside of the shower recess as everything gets too wet inside. I just pop the bar back on the dock when I've finished using it. Much better than putting the bar on the side of the bath, then having trouble getting it off.

Pamela Hammond
Solibar dock

Luv it, great & practical way to keep your solibar nice & dry, worth purchasing

Three SHAMPOO Bundle

Lemon-e Blow Ya Mind Shampoo Solibar

Block Dock

Great product👍😊

Love the bars for blonde hair

My hair is so healthy. I'm 46 and it's thicker than it's ever been. I'm convinced using solibar has reduced hair fall I had from commercial shampoos and conditioners. Love these products.

Block dock and Solibar Bundle

I have been using the Blonde Way or another shampoo and conditioner for 3 years now and have now discovered the Block Dock, thanks to Solibar who have this bundle offer.
I highly recommend Solibar Shampoo and conditioner, as well as the block dock.

So happy to make the change

I wanted to get away from all the plastic and chemicals of most hair care products. I love the Solibar bars. It has been a really easy changeover. My hair looks, feels and smells GREAT!

Can’t go back now

I’ve been using Solibar (Pina Colada) for two years or more now. I can only say one thing. “Can’t go back to regular shampoo’s now”. I do suffer from eczema also, and at the time I started using Solibar, I was having extreme eczema on my scalp. I was asked by my dermatologist to use Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic shampoo. It may have been doing the job, but I couldn’t see much difference until I came across Solibar. It may very well be a coincidence, but I can surely say that since I have started using Solibar (Pina Colada) on my hair, I never have to use any lotions to treat my eczema on my scalp. Thanks Solibar! It is the BEST!

Blonde way or another shampoo and conditioner

This stuff is awesome!! Have only used it three times and my hair feels amazing. Brassy tones gone too. Will definitely keep purchasing 😃

Fabulous product

Solibar has made such a difference to my course hair. It is soft to touch & easy to comb. Will not go back to other products.Love it

Great title

I use it everyday! I even use it as a body wash specifically on the back of my arms where I used to get some red bumps, and it has cleared them up! I hope one day there’s a full body wash soap with the same texture in it.
Thanks for all you do! Xx

Fantastic product

Excellent for fine hair.

Surprisingly great for my hair.

First time I have ever used a bar to shampoo & condition my course thick hair. It made my hair feel so soft, silky & so easy to comb.I am a convert to your super products.

Fake Blonde

Love these shampoo and conditioner bars been using them for over twelve months. The blonde bar takes the brassiness out of my colour. My fine hair is light and needs less washes, definitely recommend

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Megan Jackson
Love my Solibars

I've been using Solibar for a while now, I am a complete convert to both the shampoo and conditioner bars. Very economical - it takes me months to use up a bar, and I love the minimal packaging. My hair is soft and feels great.

Great product

Keep going back time and tims again, fantastic for fine hair. Love the product.

Returning Customer

LOVE my Solibar shampoo bars..such a great product and really happy to buy direct from an Aussie small family business. 3rd time ordered (1st time I only purchased 1 bar to try and now do the more cost effective bundles) and will continue to do so. One bar lasts hubby and I about 2-3 months, our hair feels wonderful. THANK YOU for the wonderful service Em, highly recommend to all.

Rock the Facebar

I find this a great cleanser for my 47 year old skin. My skin comes up nice and clean witj no tightnedd or irritation. My skin is very happy with it. I also use it on my 15 year old and 12 year old. The eldest has a bit of eczema and pimples and blackheads. I've tried other soap based and the normal cleansers but I find this one works the best. Less break outs and skin flakes. He is autistic and he likes that he can be mostly independent washing his face with a bar. My daughter is a the 12 year old just starting to get pimples and blackheads. She is more olive skinned than the rest of us so will see how she goes. Hoping it will work as well for her as it has for us. Very happy.

Just Love Solibar

I was looking for a no poo product, small Australian business when I came across Solibar and
I’m so glad I did! My fine hair has more volume and shine it feels just great! So far I haven’t used the conditioner bar yet as my hair feels good just with the shampoo bar. My hair is not coloured.
This product is definitely five star!

Time saver

I have never NOT needed to wash my hair each day or two. My hair stays soft & manageable; no issue with limp, oily hair due to not washing. I have shorter showers and less use of my hair dryer. A great time saver bonus added to the silver grey look.

Really good

The face bar really surprised me. I don’t need much to get a good lather in my hands before washing my face. I get “squeaky clean” without drying out. I don’t love the smell as it’s a bit medicinal but great product with no plastic. I’m 52 with normal skin and a few fine lines. Definitely hasn’t dried my skin.

Great product

My girls have been using the charcoal bar for a few weeks now and it leaves their skin feeling so soft and clean. It is helping with their acne too. They love it

Blonde conditioner

I love the blonde conditioner makes my hair feel nice