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Solibar Reviews

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Based on 258 reviews
Solibar shampoo and conditioner

Love they way my feels.
I'm 70% grey feels soft really shiny.
Best part no plastic

Good product, excellent service

Great product

I love the Kiss by a Rose shampoo bar, it’s good to know that I’m not using nasty chemicals on myself or putting them into the environment. My hair feels clean and looks great, and I use an apple cider vinegar rinse to detangle it. Emma was so helpful and the Facebook group is a really good resource too. Thanks Em!

So good

My hair feels so much cleaner and looks shinier after using your product. Will certainly be re ordering.

Great item

Very happy with how the face bar works at cleaning my face.


It was a gift therefore I cannot review

Rock the facebar rocks

I totally love this face bar. I think it's my all time favourite Solibar. I can visually see the change in my skin and am so happy to have clear happy skin. I also love that it has minimal scent and is very gender neutral as face cleansers should be.


absolutely love my shampoo and conditioner and now going to get the face rock daughter gave me one I have been using for a week and its just fabulous xxx

Love it

I bought the blonde one way or another shampoo and conditioner and the first wash was great. I was warned that my hair may still go through the transition stage which it did but after another 3 washes it’s now feeling so soft and light. Worth persevering for. I haven’t used the conditioner bar apart from the first wash and can honestly say I don’t know if I need to. My hair is super fine and but not knotted with just using the shampoo. Great product and the best part is no plastic packaging.

Love how bright my silvers are using this shampoo. Have now got through the phase of waiting for all the old product to wash out of my hair and love how soft my hair is feeling.

Didn’t suit my scalp

I was keen to switch to solid shampoo but unfortunately this product didn’t suit my scalp and made me itchy.

Love the products

We made the decision to ditch plastic in our lives and switched our hair care products to Solibar. Great products. Never going back.

Absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner bars. Transition was easy and I won't be going back to liquid products.

Great product

Certainly does the job, and my hair feels great.


I have been using Solibar purple shampoo for about 2 years and love it. Not only does it not come in a plastic bottle, it lasts longer and my blonde ( treated) hair feels clean, is healthy and shiny. Great product at a reasonable price. Sandra ( age 68)

Very happy with the product and delivery service

Customer Feedback

Very pleased with my shampoo bars and conditioner hair is soft and manageable

Wow your hair

Continue to use the shampoo and conditioner excellent products and no trouble with delivery

Apple-y ever after

Love this conditioner smells nice works really well I like that it’s different size to the shampoo my flatmate gets confused with the shampoos and conditioners so it’s easy to tell I already love all the shampoos and this is great too

Love these products

Have done away with nasty plastic bottled shampoos and I live Solibar

solibar shampoo & conditioner bars

I love these bars, for all the ppl struggling at the start, just keep going,,,I've tried other bars & they are just rubbish, I wont be changing, thankyou Em for an amazing product ❤

Thumbs up for Conditioner

Was only using purple shampoo bar and my hair had settled down to a new normal, thought I’d try the conditioner bar and yes! Much better! Very happy with my new regime 👍


These bars are excellent I bought all the different ones and I don’t need conditioner my hair is so soft I love the fact that I can use a different shampoo bar when I want highly recommended

Sorry but haven’t tried it yet still using the blonde one

Fantastic products

Lovely product, smells nice and leaves my hair soft, and clean.