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So, you've made the switch to a natural shampoo bar & it feels well... different. 🌿

Me: "I've made the switch to healthy haircare."
Also me: "It's feeling a little different, squeaky or dense." Us: "We can help!"

Let's be clear here, you've had a breakup and it's with your old shampoo. But you've done the right thing. The relationship was toxic. Literally. 

So now your on your journey to healthy haircare, you've lathered up with a Solibar between your fingers and you're beginning to feel the difference. But it's not what you expected. 

You might be feeling squeaky clean, greasy or dense. The good thing is, these are all completely normal and they are a part of the transition phase. You're moving from an old lover into completely unchartered waters. Let's talk about why.


The fact is your old shampoo is really good at it's job. It cleans (strips) your hair of dirt and oils. They do this by using surfactants/detergents or Sulfates which essentially over wash your hair and strip it right back. The chemicals in this shampoo are designed to do exactly what you expect of them. Some fight frizz, some clarify, some tint. They do what they do because they're designed to do it. 

And now you're going natural, your hair is detoxing and you're feeling different. The good news is, it's completely normal and it will be resolve. But do not give in. If you do you will have to restart the process all over again. Stay strong. Anything that takes time is worth it, we promise.

Here's what you can do to speed up the transition process:

  • An Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (read more) - it will help to restore the pH level of your hair and remove product build up, whilst also conditioning your hair as it goes. 
  • Wash more frequently for the first couple of washes.
  • Use conditioner sparingly, and only on the ends.
  • If you haven't already check out the video below - where I talk 'transition phase.'

To do an ACV rinse, use 1 part ACV to 3 parts water, mix well. Pour the mixture over your hair at the end of your wash. Rinse thoroughly. 

Alternatively, join the conversation about all things 'transition' on our Facebook group - The Solibar Society 


💚 always,

Em xo
Solibar Founder 🌿 


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