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Our sustainable commitment to you 🌏

Over here at Solibar HQ, we’re all about creating a waste-free world and this is one of the very reasons we decided to bring our brand to life.

We knew that the increasing plastic packaging issue was adding to an already overpolluted world. But the worst part for us is that plastic packaging lasts centuries, it doesn’t compose in the slightest and has a detrimental effect on wildlife. 
Additionally when you look around your bathroom and realise that many of the products in there are single-use. And for some liquid products, plastic packaging is absolutely unavoidable. It hurts us from the inside. 
Considering the current world climate, there has never been a better time to be more conscious about the way we live in the world. We only have one world to live in and we need to do our very best to preserve the environment in any way that we can.
One thing we get asked a lot of about is - travel cases. It’s something that we’re definitely looking into, however, there are a few non-negotiables for us a brand. These include making sure that if we create a storage/travel container that it is sustainable in every single way. And by every way, we mean from start to finish. 
Also, the product that we create (although might be made from sustainable materials) is actually a better option than something you already have that can be reused. 
We also take into consideration in the manufacturing of the product, that is not made with excess energy, water or chemicals that might be required in production. If creating a solution for storage is going to be sustainable, it must be from the very beginning or we believe that we are not creating a better option. We are however looking into this and will continue to do so throughout the year. 
In the meantime, members from The Solibar Society have been really helpful in providing a list of storage solutions from their cupboards:
  • Silicone food pouches (make sure your Solibars are dried out beforehand) 
  • Mesh bags
  • Reused plastic food containers
  • Old packaging tins from other products
The other thing, we’re considering is sourcing ‘proper packaging’ for our Solibars. As you already know, we send out our Solibars wrapped in paper bags. Now they’re not always the most reliable in staying perfectly formed when being sent and sometimes they can arrive in a less than perfect shape. (Thanks to the mail). But we believe that given you will only use them to store the Solibars until you open them, they are a minimal waste solution for the time being. We also appreciate and love that some of our customers also ask us to send Solibars completely nude. 
Again we will be looking to source something a little prettier but at the moment we’re happy to trade off the pretty for something that is doing its job. As we know that you, just like us are quite savvy when it comes to considering waste. We are not here to create an inch more waste than we have to. So when we do eventually get to creating more beautiful packaging, we will ensure that it’s recycled, contains non-toxic dyes and is sustainably made. And that truly meets and solves the solution it’s intended for. 
Our commitment to you is that when we do move to formalise travel storage and packaging is that we’ve done our due diligence to ensure that the solution is sustainable end to end. 🌿

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