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How to use a Solibar

We know, we’re asking you to change. But we promise it will be totally worth it.
Solid Haircare is the way of the future. We love it and you will too.

The question on your lips, how to use it?

The first thing you should do is use the clarifying sachet that comes with your first order. This will help to remove any previous product build up and give you the best chance of seeing instant results with our natural shampoo bars. (If you want more information on why you should use a clarifying shampoo & how to prepare your hair for natural shampoo read this article here.)
1) We recommend the best way to use the bar is to lather up between your fingers, until you’ve got the bubbles going. And then head straight for your hair.
2) Alternatively if you have thicker hair you might want to rub the bar directly into your hair, focus especially at the back of the head. Make sure with either option you keep the bar as dry as possible. 
Lather up and scrub until clean then rinse. See video below.
So here’s the difference, our shampoo bars will leave your hair feeling squeaky clean. And we mean squeaky clean. To make the most of the bar we suggest leaving the rinsed hair for a few minutes while you scrub yourself. This will let the essential oils get to work.
You’ll find that your hair may or may not need conditioner (why) to follow. Other options include an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. (Read more)
For best results, we recommend a couple of washes as this will cleanse your hair from the nasty chemicals built up by regular shampoo and it is at this point you will begin to feel the difference.
After using, please store your Solibar in a dry space away from drips. This will ensure the bar will have enough time to dry out in between washes 
& last longer. #Winning

Our Solibar Conditioner is really easy to use,
just simply rub the bar directly onto ends and moving up to the roots.
Remember that our shampoo bar is quite nourishing, so you might only need little of the conditioner bar, on the ends only.


**Styling tip - due to the natural oils within our bars, please make sure that your hair is rinsed entirely before styling with heat tools.**

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Feel free to jump into our Facebook Group - The Solibar Society - to join the conversation on all things plastic-free, transition, & how to use.
***If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you patch test your Solibar on your skin & wait 24 hours before use.