Why should I go to a shampoo bar?

That’s easy - we’ll give you three reasons; 
1- Our shampoo bars contain natural ingredients & are Vegan, which means no nasty chemicals for your skin and your hair. (And even the drain). 

2- Making the switch to solid haircare will mean that you will no longer be left with empty shampoo bottles, lids, jars and pump dispensers. Fewer shampoo bottles mean less plastic waste & that’s better for the environment.

3- Cheaper! As our bars are concentrated, one bar will get you many more washes than regular shampoo. To get the best out of your bar we recommend you storing it in a dry place after use.

Which Solibar should I choose?

This is an easy one, we've put together a handy guide for you to choose the one best for you. However, as they have the same base ingredients, you might find that you prefer one over the other. Most people grab a bundle so they can swap between. Check out our guide here: WHICH ONE IS FOR ME?


How do I store my Solibar? 

  • In order to increase the longevity of the shampoo bar, we highly recommend making sure that you store your bar in a dry space away from drips. This could be in a soap tray or in a soap tin. The better care you take of your bar, the longer it will last. Check out the full list of care instructions here.

  • Why does my hair feel squeaky clean? 

  • When you first wash your hair with Solibar you will notice a squeaky clean feeling, don't worry that will disappear over continuous use. As the natural ingredients do their best to work their way through all of your product build up they will react to the chemicals. We've found after two weeks, the squeakiness will go and you'll be left with deliciously light and flowing hair. Please be patient. We promise it with normalise. Read more about the 'transition phase' here.

  • Do you ship overseas?

  • We’re open to it. However, shipping can be quite expensive. Head to the shipping section to get the breakdown or send us a message via Facebook to chat. 

  • What makes Solibar Vegan?

    That’s easy, we choose to be Vegan because we want to be. That means no animal products are used to create the bars, and we certainly do not test on animals. We test on ourselves! (And we like).

  • What makes Solibar natural?

    Just like being Vegan, being made from natural ingredients is really important to us. We want to make sure that when you make the switch to a shampoo bar, that you’re doing it for all the right reasons. We want to be the best choice for your hair and the environment in every way we can. See the individual product ingredients for more information.

  • The colour is different from the colour on your website.

  • As our shampoo bars as just as unique as you are. They are handmade by a local Victorian manufacturer, they will always be a little different batch to batch. We will do our best to keep them exactly the same, but we value the handmade nature of the bars. 

  • The bar is a little less or over the weight specified. 

  • Part of the greatness of being handmade means that all of our bars are different. We do our best to ensure uniformity across all the bars but sometimes circumstances out of control might change the size. Never fear, as long as you look after it properly it should give you twice as many washes. 

    There is oil on the packaging of my Solibars/ the bars appear to leak.

    As our bars are really fresh (we wrapped them as soon as we get them) they might leak through the packaging a little. Over time they will harden up (as the moisture evaporates from the bars). In fact, this might happen with any of our natural oil-based bars.

    Where possible we will try to let them harden before wrapping. This should stop any leaking through the packaging. We also don’t want to re-package the ones we’ve done, because quite simply it’s a waste and we’re all about being as waste-free as possible. 🌿

    A little loss of oil, will not change them - because they’re made that way.


  • Will your products give me allergies? / I have sensitive skin.

    We're trying our best to give you natural Vegan haircare, which means everything we have put into our shampoo bars is from the very best natural ingredients. However that being said, we suggest you check the ingredient list under each bar. Then do a patch test 24 hours before if you are not sure.

    We know that everybody is different, and we will try to do our best to avoid allergens. If you still are unsure, hit the Messenger button and we can chat. :) If you have a pre-existing condition related to allergies, we suggest that you consider your choices carefully before purchasing. 

  • Can I use Solibar when pregnant / breastfeeding?

  • Yes, but we recommend you check with the ingredients on the individual bars / and consult with your GP for further clarification specifically to you. Some women might find that Rosemary Essential Oil in our Kiss By A Rose bar should be avoided. 

  • Can I use Solibar on my kids?

    Yes, of course. You could actually eat Solibar if you wanted. (Please don't).  However, we do recommend doing a patch test / checking the ingredient first. We wouldn't want anything to upset your little one. (Ps. We use it on all of our toddlers and we love it.) 

    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Firstly, we ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays. Secondly, this depends on your location. For city locations or Melbourne, you can expect delivery in 1-2 days from a shipping day. For WA and more remote places 3-10 days. Please hit the Messenger button in the top right-hand corner to chat with us further. 

    The Solibar Subscription

    We're pretty excited to announce our subscription service. It's uncomplicated and really flexible which means you can order what you like when you like, how often you like. We've left it open, so you can change your order before each delivery, it's as simple as just creating an account. It's all about making your re-order as simple as possible. We're even giving you 5% off your first two orders. (Minimum term 3 orders). Please contact us if you would like to stop your subscription. Want more information? Click the Messenger button to chat. 

    How do I contact Solibar?

    The easiest way is just to hit the Messenger Button and get chatting.
    Alternatively, you can email em@solibar.co with any enquiries including orders or wholesale. :) 


    Please choose carefully we do not return bars for change of mind or purchase of the wrong bar for your hair type. This is due to healthy and safety reasons. We know that moving to natural haircare will take time, so we've got a range of resources ready to help you. (More information on transition to natural haircare.) If your order has not been sent, we may consider issuing a refund. You will be refunded the transaction amount minus a 6% fee when paying with Afterpay, 2% fee via Shopify payments and 3% fee when paying with PayPal.  If you have an issue please contact us on em@solibar.co. 


    Blog posts

    All of our blog posts are available on the website, but here are some you might find of interest:

    As an Aussie Small Business reviews are everything...


    Based on 492 reviews

    This conditioner is great you only need a small amount to soften your hair and lasts a very long time

    Rose shampoo bar

    This is my first experience with a solid shampoo. It lathers beautifully and leaves my hair light weight. It has a mild rose fragrance, I do wish the rose fragrance was stronger.

    Been using Solibar for around 4 years and very happy to keep purchasing well into the future. Great shampoo and conditioner.

    Blonde Way Or Another SHAMPOO Solibar

    good for hubby

    Regrettably I find Solibar is too harsh for my hair. I purchase it for my hubby who does not mind which variety. He is quite satisfied with the results.

    Great shampoo

    I like the convenience of the solid shampoo bar, particularly when travelling. It makes my hair feel very clean. Very happy with the product.

    Everything here rocks

    Ian so glad I found you guys on a blog post about the no-shampoo movement. Best shampoos and conditioners without sulfates or other crap. My hair is healthier and shinier than it has ever been ! A+++ is what I grade this.

    Rock the Face Bar

    Been using this bar for a couple of years. Love the way it cleanses gently & face feels so smooth after. Sometimes I even forget to moisturise!!. Thanks Em for this nourishing Face Bar. It really Rocks.

    Not for me

    I found that this shampoo stripped my hair to not being able to move it on my scalp, so for me disappointing,
    I gave it to my neighbour who has the same white hair, she loves it and her hair looks lovely after being washed

    Having been using this for a while - love it! Keeps my hair and scalp clean with no build up.

    It works

    Some years ago I watched with alarm as my hair thinned and fell out, leaving an unsightly bald patch on my crown. My research convinced me I had female hereditary baldness and very little could be done. I was wrong. Once I began washing my hair with Solibar exclusively my hair began to thicken and grow back. After about a year I had full coverage and my hair was quite thick. The bald patch was gone, Now, hairdressers often comment on the quality of my hair, given my age (I’m 71). Thank you Solibar.

    3 x SHAMPOO Bars + 2 x CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle
    Sandra Biagioni
    Best bars

    I first started using Solibar to cut down on plastics and animal products. I don’t use anything else now and was lucky enough to not go through a transitional process. I used to use a lot of conditioner and now I barely need it. The bars last such a long time too so they are very economical. Plus they smell great.

    If You Like Pina Coladas Shampoo Solibar

    I could not go back to normal shampoo ever! My fine hair has never been better and I don’t need to wash my hair every day anymore! Also love Blond Way Or Another and Lemon-E Blow Ya Mind

    Wonderful Product

    I’ve been using Solibar Blonde Way Shampoo and Conditioner Bars for a few years now. I only use the conditioner on hair ends when using hairdryer. My hair is healthy, the colour treatment lasts longer and I’m very happy to have found Solibar.

    Like it.

    From day one I have had no problems with this bar.

    Rock The Facebar Bundle
    Margaret Pridham
    Best face cleanser ever

    This face bar leaves my skin feeling lovely, clean and soft. Since trying it I won’t use any other face cleanser.

    love my purple bars

    I have been using "Blonde another Way' shampoo and conditioner bars for well over two years now. The effect on my hair is wonderful -no more yellowing at the ends of the hair.
    My hairdresser always comments on how healthy my hair looks to her- that says a lot as she doesn't recommend one of her products.
    The hardness of the bars have changed as Solibar has perfected the formula. The shampoo has just the right amount of sudsy-ness. It lasts for longer than it used to which means I get plenty of washes out of it.
    The conditioner bar is much harder and has taken awhile for me to get used to. The conditioner doesn't have the same slipperiness that might be expected from conditioner in the hair, but it is still doing its job. The result is that the conditioner bar lasts easily through 2 shampoo bars. This makes me happy!
    I appreciate the shampoo and conditioner bar system because I really dislike having so much plastic waste.
    Thank you Solibar for solving my hair washing and conditioning.

    Regular purchaser

    I love the simplicity and feel of this face bar.

    Works well

    I use the purple bar. It lathers well the first time around. I'm on my second bar and am completely happy.

    Love these

    This should be a 10 star review! Please fix if it did not come out that way

    I am part of the no-poo movement but the baking soda system wasn’t working. I was so happy to find these bars and they did not disappoint! So happy with how they work! A+ ladies!

    Shampoo and cleanser

    Both are fantastic!!! So pleased I started using the shampoo. Wonderful product!!

    The purple bar

    I have been using purple shampoo for a while and I’ll admit I was sceptical at the price and reliability of the Solibar product. I am now on my second order, and I find Solibar to be very good value for money compared to the store bought similar product and it simply works much better. I used to need to wash my hair almost every day but after a week of Solibar I now wash my hair once a week. So far I’m just onto my second bar and I started using it 8 months ago. I put in my second order which was filled 40 days ago and I’m no where near opening that package. It just lasts for ages. I love the results it gives every time and once I thought it expensive I now think it’s cheap. I recommend this product to all I speak to about hair care. Just keep the bar dry and it just keeps on giving you great results. I use the conditioner as well. Great product and I’m never changing.

    Purple shampoo

    I can’t believe how long my shampoo bar lasts. My first order was 7 months ago and I haven’t finished the second bar or the conditioner yet. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. It’s fabulous. Just ordered and received my second order but I don’t think I’ll open it till way after Xmas. Great value for money and it works just the way you want it to.

    Never going back to bottled stuff. This works really well, and no plastic waste