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We pulled together our best articles for you to have a read through. They explain everything from how our bars work to transition to sebum production. 

Traditional shampoo vs Solibar 
What makes us different/how we're made/the difference between Solibar and other shampoo bar brands. 

  1. Is your shampoo doing more harm than good?  - a list of bad guys that you might in your liquid shampoo or syndet (synthetic detergent) shampoo bars. 

  2. Why using a pH balanced shampoo isn't always a good thing...  - the falsities behind finding a pH balanced shampoo product. 

  3. What does 'saponification' mean in natural shampoo bar making? - explaining the real process behind how soap-based shampoo bars are made. 

  4. What is the difference between a soap-based shampoo bar and a syndet shampoo bar? explaining the differences between the type of shampoo bars available on the market. 

How Solibar's work 
Including the history of shampoo and why you might not need a conditioner bar.

  1. Are you feeling stranded by overproduction or underproduction of sebum? - how does your natural sebum production change your hair.

  2. I've got a Solibar shampoo bar, do I need a conditioner? -how our shampoo bars work and why you might not need to follow with conditioner. 

  3. Our top tips for getting the most out of your Solibarnew to Solibar? Get the top tips from our team on how to get the most out your bars.

The Transition Phase 
hat it means to make the switch to natural haircare & what might be stopping you from a smooth transition. 

  1. Moving to natural haircare? Have you heard about the 'transition phase'? - explaining the transition phase and some tips to decrease the length.

  2. How to prepare your hair for the transition to natural haircare - how to get through transition the quickest way possible.

  3. Alternative acid rinses to apple cider vinegar...  - get the full list of acid rinses that you will have in your cupboard.

  4. Does my shampoo have silicone in it? And how do I get it out? - how do silicones change my transition to natural haircare. 

Hair Colouring 
Using a purple shampoo & will Solibar change my hair colour?

  1. Why should I use a violet shampoo? - explaining the benefits of using a purple shampoo on blonde or silver hair. 

  2. Will Solibar's natural solid haircare bars change my hair colour? - explaining how our bars work and they might enable you to get more weeks between colouring. 

For the Curly Girls & no-poo superstars.

  1. Solibar, the No-Poo shampoo!  talks about how are Solibars are aligned with the no-poo method & are curly girl friendly.