Solibar, the No-Poo shampoo! 😲

Solibar, the No-Poo shampoo! 😲

Imagine waking up and realising that today you don’t have to deal with poo. It's every mum's dream. And it can be yours too. 

It’s the latest movement to land on the 'hairsphere' (apart for solid haircare that is). So let’s digest. The 'No-Poo Movement' is inspired by the need to find a better alternative to the harsh chemical ingredients in traditional shampoo. It’s based on the principal of using natural ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar or Bicarbonate Soda to clarify / clean the hair instead. It's basically going a la naturale. 

How does the 'No-Poo Method' work?

The 'No-Poo Method' relies on your hair’s natural oils or sebum to do their job of cleaning as intended to by nature. It's about moving away from chemical shampoos and scary ingredients and going back to the basics. 
The 'No-Poo Method' has also gained some great traction in the curly community, as followers are already avoiding shampoo and opting to go straight for the conditioner instead. The 'Curly Girl Method' isn't all that different and recommends avoiding shampoo altogether and opting for a conditioner wash. Thus restoring curls to their natural glory with moisture rich products, and without the use of sulfates and silicones.

So what do our Solibars have to do with the 'No-Poo Method'? We’re glad you asked.

The big difference with Solibar, other shampoo bars and some liquid shampoos is the absence of those nasty ingredients like SLS, Parabens or Isopropyl Alcohol. (Read more) These ingredients are great for cleaning, but in their greatness they also strip your hair if it’s own natural oil (sebum) production and moisture. This leaves you with no option but to restore moisture with a chemical conditioner. 

Solibar no poo shampoo bars

As Solibar Solid Haircare bars only contain natural oils like Coconut, Castor and Olive Oils, which aim to deeply nourish your hair when you wash. This means you're washing your hair with a conditioning bar instead. It's also the reason why so many of our customers are ditching conditioner altogether. (Read more about why here). Because of these moisture restoring, oil washing properties of our Solibars, we can align ourselves with the 'No-Poo' or 'Curly Girl Method'. We're just giving you a new way to wash without the nasties. 

The best thing about using a Solibar is you will find your hair will begin to restore itself to it's former glory. This means your curls will relax and form, your fine/thin hair will be revived and bounce back with body. Check out our reviews here. However, please remember than when you are moving to a natural haircare - you might experience a transition phase. We've written about it here. 

If you are thinking of making the switch to a healthy haircare alternative, 🌿
it's never been easier... 

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