Which Solibar is the best for my hair?

Which Solibar is the best for my hair?

We know that your hair is as individual as you and this means finding the right Solibar is as important to us as it is for you. We decided it's time to give you the lowdown on our natural haircare bars and help you to make the right decision.

To begin, they all have the same base ingredients like Olive, Coconut and Castor Oil + Shea Butter and their differences lie in their super ingredients which make them better for some hair colours and types over others. 

Kiss By A Rose 🌹 shampoo Solibar -
We designed this Solibar with for our dark-haired friends, as it contains  Alkanet Root - which has been known to strengthen hair, put the brakes on premature greying and help prevent baldness. It also contains  French Pink Clay - and if you haven't heard of it before it's wonderful for your hair. It helps to remove build-up from your scalp and strands while cleansing your scalp from dead skin cells, flakiness and excess oil. Which means healthy new hair can grow in its place. this makes it great for those who have dry, weak or thick hair as the composition of the bar can be quite heavy for those with fine hair.
Lemon-e Blow Ya Mind 🍋 shampoo Solibar - 
This Solibar was designed for those lemon-e lovers as Lemon Essential Oil  s a natural chlorine combatant as well as having a natural  antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-fungal properties. But that's not all it contains  French Yellow Clay - which is a powerful yet mild cleansing clay that will leave your scalp feeling brand new. It's a wonder ingredient if you've got sensitivities, but don't just take our word for it. 
Blonde Way Or Another 💜shampoo & conditioner Solibar - 
This one is pretty straight forward, it's the designed for blondes and silver foxes who want to keep their white light & bright. It contains the illuminating force of zinc oxide and the violet power of purple mica to help to neutralise yellow tones. Despite being designed for blondes/silvers, it has some great benefits for brunettes that like that clean colour and want to avoid the dreaded orange tinge. As a natural shampoo bar it won't turn your hair purple, the mica will wash out as you rinse.
(Conditioner will be available in OCTOBER). 
If You Like Pina Coladas 🥥shampoo Solibar -

This shampoo bar is specially formulated with vanilla, coconut and lime and is perfect for every hair type. The secret ingredient is Zinc. Not only does it provide wonderful UV protection, but it is also great for hair growth by promoting healthy hair follicles and helping to keep dandruff at bay. It's a great all-rounder for those who need one [bar] to rule them all. It's great for those who have oily or fine hair, as the bar is really light. It's our go-to Solibar for everyone. 


Calma Chameleon 👶shampoo Solibar -
This Solibar was designed for those of you who are sensitive to colours and fragrances. It's designed for sensitive skin and with children in mind. In terms of ingredients, it's really light on as it only contains our base ingredients Olive, Coconut and Castor Oil, Shea Butter and one super ingredient Bentonite Clay. Bentonite Clay is fabulous for hair as it has antimicrobial properties that can help calm irritated scalps. (It will be available for purchase in OCTOBER). 

Appley Ever After 🍏conditioner Solibar -
This little gem is has got all of your natural favourites like Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, Bentonite and French Green Clay + Grapefruit Seed Extract to help to deeply nourish and moisturise your hair from root to tip. We suggest to use it just on your ends, but it's been known to be great all over. It's the conditioner Solibar for those who need a little extra moisture or love the feeling of silky soft hair.

 And for those who have FRIZZY HAIR - we suggest moving to any of our shampoo bars as they do not contain any sulphates (not even the coco-sulphates). None. And without sulphates, there's no stripping of your scalp's natural oils. 
We're always asking for feedback on our Solibars in The Solibar Society Facebook group, so feel to jump in and let us know what you think. 
Kiss by A Rose 🌹
- French Pink Clay
Kiss by A Rose  🌹
- Alkanet Root
Kiss By A Rose 🌹
- Alkanet Root
If You Like Pina 
Coladas 🥥
- Zinc Oxide 
Lemon-e Blow Ya 
Mind 🍋
- Lemon Essential Oil / French Yellow Clay
Calma Chameleon 👶
All the good stuff
Blonde Way Or Another 💜
Purple Mica to keep your locks bright
Lemon-e Blow 
Ya Mind 🍋
-Lemon Essential Oil
Kiss By A Rose  🌹
- Alkanet Root
If You Like Pina Coladas 🥥
- Zinc Oxide
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