Moving to natural haircare? Have you heard about the 'transition phase'?

Moving to natural haircare? Have you heard about the 'transition phase'?

The 'transition phase' is something unique to natural haircare in the sense that it's often not talked about. And that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it just means that the liquid shampoo market has done a lot ignore the fact that there are better options for haircare.

Over the past year, as we've been building our brand and learning about making the switch to natural haircare - we've been asking for feedback on our bars. This is absolutely crucial for us, because whilst we know that we have an amazing natural alternative shampoo, we also know that making the switch is not always quick and easy for some as it is for others.

What is it that we're referring to when we talk about the 'transition phase?'

We believe the transition to be an oily/dense feeling that usually sits just above the back of the neck. It might make your hair appear greasy or give a wet look feel.

So why do you get it? 

For most of you liquid shampoos have been around since forever, and your hair has adjusted to it. It's used to being stripped by SLS (sulphates/detergents) and then you restore moisture with conditioners. There are also "plant-based/ naturally derived" sulphates like Sodium Coco Sulphate - and although based on coconuts - is just like it's cousin Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. (Designed to strip).
 Contrastingly Solibars are different as they clean your hair by working with your natural oil production (sebum) to adjust and do what your sebum is meant to do - by nature. It's why our bars are technically in line with the No-Poo movement. 
When we looked at other 'naturally derived' products, the disclaimer on the back is always the same "give us time for your hair to adjust". And we couldn't agree more. Natural haircare takes time to adjust to. Realistically, swapping between any haircare product will take time for you hair to really see the benefits.
On average, we believe that it could take up to four weeks for your hair to really start to get the benefits of natural haircare. And there are several reasons that your hair could take a shorter or longer time to adjust. And we have some solutions.
 Previous product buildup is the number one reason stopping your hair from moving easily through the transition phase. As many shampoos & conditioners on the market can leave residue in your hair and this makes it really hard for our gentle natural Solibars to fight against. 
In most cases, product buildup can be removed by rinsing your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar. We recommend 1 part ACV to 3 parts water and pour over your hair at the end of a wash. Using ACV will help to neutralise the pH level of your scalp and remove any buildup that might be resting in between your strands.
We've also learnt that not everyone can stand the smell of ACV. We get you. Luckily there is a big range of alternative natural acid rinses that will help you to remove product buildup. We've got a whole list for you here: ACID RINSES.
But there is one ingredient in a lot of shampoos and conditioners that will not be able to be removed with a natural acid rinse. Meet silicone. It's like plastic wrap for your hair and more often than not is not water-soluble. It's not all bad, it actually makes your hair look and feel amazing. (That's why they include it). If you want to find out more about silicones and how to spot them, read this: SILICONES.
That being said, there is only one way to remove silicones from your hair and that's with a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo is designed to strip your hair of all the residue & damage left by chemical products by containing a higher concentration of detergents. This is a crucial step to removing the damage of silicones from your strands. There are loads of clarifying shampoos on the market and they're overlooked on the shelves. We'd recommend using a clarifying shampoo no more than twice a month. 
 We know that the best results happen with Solibar on hair that is clean from product buildup and has already been sulphate-free. We also know that once you remove all of the chemical damage from your hair and use a shampoo that is natural, you will be astonished by the amazing benefits that natural haircare can offer. 
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If you've got some more feedback, questions or comments feel free to jump into The Solibar Society 🌿 Facebook group and let us know what you think. 
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