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The secret to beautiful natural hair, is simpler than you think. 🥰

Everyone wants great hair. It’s true. A BHD (bad hair day) can literally ruin your life. Ok, we know we’re being a little over the top, but there is nothing like being late for work because your hair is just not doing what it is supposed to or not getting it 100% right for a wedding - conceding defeat and feeling a little bit off all day.
Ironically, body hair is not viewed with such high regard.  As a head of hair culture, we’ve always put so much value into how our hair looks. Everyone wants what they can't have - if you’ve got straight, you want curly. You’ve got thick hair, you want thin. It’s endless. 
So we’ve got a few little secrets to spill on how to get your hair back to the best its ever been and it’s really quite simple. Having great hair is about returning to the ‘old way of washing’ before synthetic detergents stripped our hair of luxurious moisture and flare. 
Our Solibars are natural shampoo bars that are detergent-free, that’s right they’re made directly from saponified oils and solidified into a bar form. Could you imagine washing your hair with coconut oil? We can, we do. 
If you’ve been following along, Solibar was born out of the need to provide a better option than the current synthetic-detergent options on the market. It was designed to be natural, to be essential and to be the best way to wash. 
Our in-house toddlers, have only ever used Solibar on their hair. And we’ve got two different hair types in house, curly whirly for the youngest and slick straight for the eldest. We only shampoo once a week for the curly whirly and instead use the conditioner bars more frequently to hold those beautiful curls. And to stop the matting at the back of the neck (nape). Her hair responds so nicely to the NEW conditioner Solibars
For the slick straight, her hair is right down to her pants. We wash more often but as Solibar has allowed her hair to naturally regulate its sebum production on its own, we only need a shampoo and conditioner up to 2 times a week. Because her hair is fine, we only condition just at the very ends. Read more about how Solibars work → here. 
We know that whenever you change your shampoo & conditioner routine, you hair will need some time to work itself out. Imagine your scalp and hair doing the working out and Solibar just providing you with just a little extra support in the cleansing process? It is how our Solibars work and why our Solibars are similar to the No-Poo Method and great for curly girls. 
And we haven't forgotten about our furry friends, our in-house/office/warehouse Cavoodle is 100% Solibar washed (and groomed - circa 2021 when lockdown was in fine form and we had no choice but to use the clippers - here is a before shot). The natural oils are so gentle on your hair that they're perfect for use on your best friend, even when they're fluffy-as. Our Solibar dog shampoo is called Soap Doggy Dog and is available  → here.
If you are ready to get started on your healthy haircare journey, we can’t wait to have you. Make sure you check out our handy tips to help you move into natural haircare the quickest way forward. Solibar’s best use tips → here.

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