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I really think it’s fantastic! Thankyou.

Changing old habits

I’d thought about trying Shampoo and Conditioner bars for so long and now I’m wondering why I didn’t do it earlier.
After shampooing, my hair feels like it has more body and isn’t so limp as it’s been feeling after using liquid shampoo. My hair still feels and looks really clean just without it feeling like it’s been stripped of its life.
The bars are really easy to apply.

Love it!

Smells amazing 🤩

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Margaret Pridham
Best shampoo ever

I have been using Solibar solid shampoo for about 3 years and will never go back to liquid shampoo and conditioner. My hair looks great and I don’t need conditioner any more. Very happy with results.

Great for silver hair, too!

I've been using solibar for a few years and find it helped keeping my hair cleaner for longer, I have oily hair and used to wash every other day with other shampoos. Even when I was losing some of my hair through chemo, luckily not all of it!😊 I'd recommend Solibar to anyone who mentions hair, and why not?

Pina colada shampoo

I am so glad I changed to using this. Before I changed I found that my hair was falling out a lot, but now it has gone back to the normal fall out which it is little. I am very happy with it and will continue to use it.

Love it

Love it-we've been using the purple shampoo block for ages now with a leave-in purple block conditioner(different brand) that was a bit waxy for my fine strawberry blond hair which is straight & prone to getting greasy at the scalp and staticky if I use ordinary conditioner, my partner's hair is dry & curly silver with a thick beard hair prone to fizzing & beard can be bristly. This (new to us) Solibar Blonde Way Or Another conditioner block has been great, were both really happy with it. I get at least 2-3 days between washes & my partner washes & conditions his every day. His hair is curly & his beard is soft with this Solibar conditioner. Great products 💜


Good result my hair feel thicker and squeaky clean again!

The only shampoo I'll now use

Solibar rocks my world! Very gentle on my sensitive skin, no plastic, smells amazing and is making my natural blonde (and now a bit of silver!) very soft and healthy.

Hi, my 12 yo grand daughter Isobel told me her hair feels really soft and shiny after using this shampoo bar 😀

No more knots!

I love the Blonde Way or Another Conditioner bar. I only need a minimal amount and it detangles immediately.

Soooo useful

I have been using solibar shampoo/ conditioner for some time and have struggled with storing the bars so that they don’t get wet and goopy. The block dock has changed all of this. They stay on the tiles really well, they keep the bars dry and there is reduced waste. These would work for any kind of soap bar. Really happy with my purchase.

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Lainie Mason
Shampoo Bundle

This is the third time I’ve ordered the shampoo and it’s still great. I took me two go’s to find the one that worked for me. Great value for money, lasts a long time and best of all NO PLASTIC! 😀

Great product

I have white hair so the purple shampoo and conditioner really help to keep the yellow mess at bay- I also love the fact they come wrapped in paper

Lemon! What Lemon?

Formula has been changed and is nothing like we previously received.
Not even a hint of lemon and does not help sensitive scalps anymore

The best I’ve tried

I have been using shampoo bars for a couple of years. The last company disappeared and I had a quick panic. Then I discovered Solibar.!!
What a great product. I’m using the one for grey hair (it’s purple) Blonde way or another.
I have short thick hair and use a lot of product. It really cleans my hair. I love 💕 it :)

Shampoo Bundle

long time purchaser of the sensitive bar,,,luv them...

Best Shampoo EVER

It does wonderful things to my old, white hair and I love this shampoo. No plastic to dispose of into the environment, made in Australia and created by a woman. What's not to like!

2 x SHAMPOO Bar +1 CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle

Solibar Blonde Way

I’ve been using Blonde Way shampoo & conditioner bars for a few years now and I’m really pleased with product & supply

Takes off makeup without drying skin

Simple and easy to use, takes off makeup and doesn’t dry my face. I use the face bar daily in the shower.


Love ❤️ solibar. Been using it for quite a while now. No going back for me. I don't have to wash my hair as often and it feels great

Love it

My hair is super clean . After using the sachet and 2 uses of the shampoo bar I’m really pleased . I really like the apple conditioner bar too . I need the conditioner bar as well as the shampoo .

Rock The Facebar Bundle
Chamanthi Powell
Great face bar for my skin

And great value for money