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Shampoo and cleanser

Both are fantastic!!! So pleased I started using the shampoo. Wonderful product!!

The purple bar

I have been using purple shampoo for a while and I’ll admit I was sceptical at the price and reliability of the Solibar product. I am now on my second order, and I find Solibar to be very good value for money compared to the store bought similar product and it simply works much better. I used to need to wash my hair almost every day but after a week of Solibar I now wash my hair once a week. So far I’m just onto my second bar and I started using it 8 months ago. I put in my second order which was filled 40 days ago and I’m no where near opening that package. It just lasts for ages. I love the results it gives every time and once I thought it expensive I now think it’s cheap. I recommend this product to all I speak to about hair care. Just keep the bar dry and it just keeps on giving you great results. I use the conditioner as well. Great product and I’m never changing.

Purple shampoo

I can’t believe how long my shampoo bar lasts. My first order was 7 months ago and I haven’t finished the second bar or the conditioner yet. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. It’s fabulous. Just ordered and received my second order but I don’t think I’ll open it till way after Xmas. Great value for money and it works just the way you want it to.

Great solid shampoo

My hair has responded so well, much less frizz. And the bars take up so little room, much better for travel.

Love the bars. Very satisfied customer. Would love feedback on introducing small travel packs.

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Maree Lyons
Three Shampoo Bundle

Always buy 3 at a time. Happy to choose 2 for me & one for my daughter. So economical & now I am swimming again Solibar doesnt dry out my hair.

Lemon on my mind

My fine grey hair has bounce and more bulk. I will need fewer washes as it stays in shape for four or five days. I have given conditioners away as I always felt they just weighed my hair down. Great stuff! Love you, Carmel.

2 x SHAMPOO Bar +1 CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle

Not happy at all. My hair was very course and dry after using the shampoo and conditioner bars. Very disappointing as I read all the reviews and I had spent a lot of money on it. Would not recommend or use again.

Hi Deb,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write feedback.

Did you try the clarifying shampoo sachet prior to washing? As I feel like this is an issue with previous product build-up reacting with the natural bars.

Have a look at this link:

Shampoo bar

As expected

Singing in the shower

Fabulous makes your hair sing with cleanliness

Kiss by Rose

Bit disappointing I was hoping it would leave a fragrance of rose but no nothing it’s ok sames as the others I still not sure about them as yet as my hair is still needing washing every two days

Hi Trudy,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write feedback.

Did you try the clarifying shampoo sachet prior to washing? As I feel like this is an issue with previous product build-up reacting with the natural bars.

Have a look at this link:

And let me know if you would like me to send out some more clarifying samples?

2 x SHAMPOO Bar +1 CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle
Sandy Ward
Been using for a few years now

We live the Solibar shampoo and conditioner bars. They last us around 3 months for the shampoo and over 12 months for the conditioner. So happy knowing no chemical junk being massaged into our heads . Thanks Solibar

Love these bars

I started using Solibar because my hair looked greasy all the time and I needed to wash it every day. With Solibar, I wash it every 3/4 days and it looks better for longer. I don’t need to use a lot of the conditioner, so it lasts ages! Always feels soft and manageable.

Awesome Foursome Bundle
Sally May

Awesome Foursome Bundle

Love these bars!

I have fine blonde hair which I used to wash almost daily. Not anymore! Since using Solibar blonde way or another shampoo and conditioner bars I can go 3/4 days without washing it. I also don’t need to use the conditioner bar much at all. I wouldn’t use anything else. Also so fantastic for taking on holidays and so Little in the way of waste, great for the environment 🥰

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Di Welsh-Kinnear
Three Shampoo Bundle

I've been using the Blonde Way or Another for quite a while now and the 3 pack bundle is a great way to buy it! :)

2 x SHAMPOO Bar +1 CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle
Pamela Summerell
So far so good

I have been using my purple shampoo and conditioner bars for three weeks now. I love the way it leaves my hair so soft and easy to manage. I was worried it may not keep my white/blonde hair looking bright but so far it does. It’s just been three weeks but so far so good.

2 x SHAMPOO Bar +1 CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle
Laurel Loftus

I am very happy with my purchase. I have found storage containers in the Sistema range which fit the shampoo and conditioner perfectly.

Not right for me

I usually use the blonde way but it was out of stock so tried this one . It’s a bit drying for my hair. Will
Order blonde way soon again. I love your products but I simply made the wrong choice

2 x SHAMPOO Bar +1 CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle
Maree Skinner
Ok for a trial

My husband really likes the conditioner - as a shave lather/ balm. The shampoo though, created a flaky scalp

Awesome Foursome Bundle
Sheryn Gates
Great Product

I originally used Pina Coladas Shampoo Solibar for a few years and loved the way it left my very fine hair clean and shiny without any heaviness. As I’ve aged and started to embrace greying hair, I’ve switched to Blonde Way Or Another. It leaves grey hair bright and clear without the dullness that shampoo often does. It also stops the grey hair from drying out or looking damaged. Never have to use any conditioner.

Lemon-E The Best!

After trying all the different types of Solibar, I found the Lemon-E suits my hair the best. I'm a 69yo male with thick grey hair. With commercial shampoos I used to have to wash & condition my hair everyday or it became unmanageable. Now I use Lemon-E Solibar every 2nd day, no conditioner required and my hair feels great! I've been a Solibar convert for several years now, and I love ❤️ it!

Great shampoo

I've tried a few other shampoos without the nasty stuff but so far been quite happy with the one from Solibar. My hair is soft and shiny and looks better for 5 days without washing than with any others I've tried. Thanks for a great shampoo!

Shampoo and conditioner bars

I have found the shampoo and conditioner fabulous for my hair. It is great to find natural products and a relief to get away from plastics.

I really think it’s fantastic! Thankyou.