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Let's get down and dirty with Alkanet Root

It’s time we got down and dirty to chat about Alkanet Root. It’s an incredible super ingredient that doesn’t get enough love. So we thought it was the perfect time to shed some light on this dark bark.

Traditionally it's an Ayurvedic herb named 'Baal jhad' or ‘Ratanjot, & has been used for centuries for its therapeutic qualities. It is used for a variety of reasons such as dying fabrics, soaps and lip balms. And it also has some anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s great for hair colouring,  loss and counteracting premature greying. It sounds incredible right? 
It has many traditional uses that range from colouring foods to staining woods to helping to heal wounds. And has been a go-to herb for its wide range of uses including inflammation. With all of its wonderful properties, we definitely wanted to include it in our bars. 

But what could it do for your hair? 

On your hair alkanet root may help with encouraging hair growth, putting a stop to shedding and providing some coverage with premature greying. And considering these properties, we had to include it in one of our Solibars. 
As it naturally is reddish-brown it was perfect for inclusion in our Kiss By A Rose shampoo bar. In order for us to use it, we strip the root off the bark before infusing it in coconut oil, then we add it into the mix. It is the perfect Solibar for those who have thicker and darker hair. 
But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the reviews: 

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