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5 reasons to choose a soap-based shampoo bar instead of a synthetic-detergent bar 🌿

WE know there is way more than 5 reasons,
but we thought we would give you the top five.

  1. Firstly because they’re made with natural ingredients. And we mean natural. In our case we use all-natural oils like olive, castor and coconut oil, then we add the good stuff like French clays and essential oils. Not the quasi-natural ‘based on plant’ ingredients. 

  2. Soap-based shampoo bars do not need sulphates or detergents to clean. So there’s no coco-sulphates or other various detergents. Instead, that beautiful lather comes directly from the natural oils in the bar. Bars that are not soap-based are referred to as syndet aka synthetic detergent bars and contain some nasty ingredients like SLS. We now know that some of these ingredients are thought to be hormone disruptors. Soap-based bars are detergent free.

  3. Soap-based bars work with your natural sebum production to clean your hair. Which means no harsh ingredients to strip your strands of natural oils. This might also mean that you have a transition period while your hair adjusts to how it should be as intended by nature. This also means that many of our customers do not even need conditioner as your hair is left nourished at all times. 

  4. Soap-based bars do not have chemically altered pH levels. Which means they are as they are. We do not adjust them to otherwise balance the harsh ingredients (in syndet bars) and they do not contain analgesics for eyes. See more on why pH balanced shampoos aren’t always better here.

  5. Soap has been cleaning bodies for centuries, well before the introduction of common everyday shampoo. Moreover, oils have been used by Ancient Greeks and Egyptians to clean the skin and to moisturise. A soap-based bar is formulated from only the best natural ingredients based on centuries-old processes to solidify oils.   

When you’re ready to make the switch to a healthy haircare alternative make sure you know all the facts. Check the ingredients list. Search for silicones and sulphates. Be in the know and make the switch today!

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