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Are you feeling stranded by overproduction or underproduction of sebum?

Let's talk about sebum - if you haven't heard of it before it's because we usually refer to sebum as your hair's natural oils.

It's created by your sebaceous glands to enable your skin to retain moisture. But in your hair, it can be incredibly frustrating and can turn a good hair day into a bad hair day. We've all been there.
We need sebum in order to keep our skin hydrated. It's a crucial part of the cleansing and protection process and it's the way nature intended it to be. Its function is to protect the scalp and hair by creating a protective barrier that is able to travel along the hair shaft. 

Why it's important is whilst everyone produces sebum, some overproduce and others underproduce. Regulating your sebum production can be quite tricky and there a variety of different reasons for increased or decreased production. These can range from hormones or genetics to hair type, to hair colour, to water, to shampoo. 

Overproduction of sebum can make your hair appear greasy, waxy or wet. Having too much sebum on your scalp may also affect the hair growth cycle. It's important to get the balance right to support the health of your hair and your scalp. (People who have excessive sebum might also find their hair transitions to natural shampoo harder than others).  

The underproduction of sebum might cause your hair to be brittle and your scalp to be itchy and dry. Your hair is designed to naturally find a good balance between the two, some liquid shampoos have disrupted this process.

These shampoos can over strip your hair of its natural sebum production in an effort to clean the scalp. Resulting in your scalp busily trying to rebuild the sebum to protect your scalp from drying out. This can create a cycle of over washing and overproducing in order to find a happy medium. It's a vicious cycle.

What makes Solibar solid shampoo bars different?

The first thing is our bars do not strip your hair of vital sebum, instead, they work with your sebum to clean your hair. Helping to loosen the old sebum and cleansing your hair follicles with gentle and moisturising natural oils like coconut, olive and castor oil. Our Solibars are designed to add nourishment to your scalp and hair, and as a result, can be termed 'No-Poo' or even oil washing. (It's also why you might not even need a conditioner). So, the only stripping you'll have to do is to get into the shower. 


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