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3 x SHAMPOO Bars + 2 x CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle

3 x SHAMPOO Bars + 2 x CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle

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3 x SHAMPOO Bars + 2 x CONDITIONER Solibar Bundle

This BUNDLE contains your choice of 3 of our Solibar Shampoo Bars + 2 Solibar Conditioner Bars.  

1. Choose 3X SHAMPOO Solibars:

Blonde Way Or Another - is perfect for blondes and silver foxes. is designed to brighten those light-haired locks. 

If You Like Pina Coladas - is loaded with Zinc and Shea Butter to give your hair natural luminance. 

Kiss By A Rose - has double the secret power ingredients to build hair strength and length.

Lemon-e Blow Ya Mind - is the one for that fresh citrus hit and the relaxing benefits of lemon to help a sensitive scalp.  

Soap Doggy Dog - is perfectly sensitive for your best friend. 

2. Choose 2X CONDITIONER Solibars:

Appley Ever After CONDITIONER or Blonde Way Or Another CONDITIONER Solbars - are designed to keep your locks smooth and shiny. 



🌿  Made from [the very best] natural ingredients
🌿  Designed for sensitive skin & sensitive scalps
🌿  Synthetic-detergent free 
🌿  Sulphate-free (even the coconut-based one)
🌿  Steroid-free
🌿  Cruelty-free
🌿  Vegan & plant-derived ingredients 
🌿  Proudly Australian-made, loved & owned
🌿  Eco-friendly bar & packaging 


*All of our bars contain natural ingredients, are Vegan friendly and tested only on us. Check out how to care for your bar here.

**If you have sensitivities, we recommend you check the ingredients above and patch test prior to use. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 313 reviews

Been using Solibar for around 4 years and very happy to keep purchasing well into the future. Great shampoo and conditioner.

Jennifer Thomson

Blonde Way Or Another SHAMPOO Solibar

Wendy Gray
good for hubby

Regrettably I find Solibar is too harsh for my hair. I purchase it for my hubby who does not mind which variety. He is quite satisfied with the results.

Great shampoo

I like the convenience of the solid shampoo bar, particularly when travelling. It makes my hair feel very clean. Very happy with the product.

Not for me

I found that this shampoo stripped my hair to not being able to move it on my scalp, so for me disappointing,
I gave it to my neighbour who has the same white hair, she loves it and her hair looks lovely after being washed