Will Solibar's natural solid haircare bars change my hair colour?

Will Solibar's natural solid haircare bars change my hair colour?

We love this question because the simple answer is no. But we want to talk to you about why and what makes Solibar so different.

The biggest difference between Solibar and other shampoo options is the lack of sulphates or parabens. Without sulphates, there is going to be no stripping of your natural sebum. The traditional shampoo is designed to strip your hair of moisture, dirt and oil and hence requiring a conditioner to return the moisture post-shampoo.

Our Solibars have no strippers. (Unless you include yourself, prior to jumping into the shower). Instead, you are using natural oils to clean and cleanse your hair and relying on your natural sebum to do the job it was intended to do by nature - manage itself. (We've broken down this in detail here). 

The stripping ingredients in shampoos are designed to do what they are supposed to and can have an effect on the longevity of your colour. However, there are always variables. 

Some of these variables include the type of colour you've put into your hair. Obviously, semi-permanent colours are semi-permanent for a reason. They are designed to fade and will only last a number of washes, regardless of the type of shampoo you use. To put simply, semi-permanent deposits small molecules of colour onto your hair's outer layer. These small molecules are easily removed by washing and will typically last 6-12 washes. Depending on the type of shampoo you use, your colour may last for a shorter or longer time. Henna dyes will also fit into this category. 

Demi-permanent dyes contain larger molecules of colour which attach themselves to the hair strands and are able to penetrate a little hair cuticle further. The larger molecules of colour tend to be a bit stronger and will take longer to wash out. (May contain a small amount of peroxide). 

Permanent colour containing either ammonia or peroxide or both are able to deposit small molecules of colour which is able to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticle and into the cortex. The result is a lightening effect through the process of oxidation, which is able to physically alter the pigment colour of the hair. There is no wash out with permanent colour, it will need to grow out of your hair. 

Now, getting back to Solibar. As our bars are natural, they don't have enough strength to physically change or disrupt the process of the dye. Of course, if you are using a semi-permanent or demi-permanent colour, your hair will fade over time as it is simply designed to do so. If you have a permanent colour, there is not much that will change the colour in your hair.

However, if you're a blonde or silver you might find that your clean hair colour can go yellow over a period of time. There are also several variables that can alter the colour of your hair, and these come down to water or chlorine, pollution, smoke, medication, heat tools, sebum and even diet. If this is you, we suggest going for the Blonde Way Or Another as it has a natural lightening effect with the zinc oxide and purple mica. (Read more about it here)

Making the switch to a natural haircare alternative is going to be the best thing that you've ever done for your luscious locks. But don't just take our word for it, head over to The Solibar Society Facebook group and ask them. 
Check out this video on the process of returning to Solibar post-peroxide:

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