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Shea Butter and your hair

We just wanted to take some time to talk about Shea Butter. We love it! It’s one of our key ingredients in all of our Solibars because it is this amazing little miracle for your scalp and hair. 

Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the Shea “karite” tree aka the ‘tree of life’, which is a is a spiritual and sacred tree from West Africa. 
Shea Butter is so moisturising and this makes it a wonderful ingredient to help your hair return to its virgin state. It does a great job of being a natural sealant to keep in moisture and make you hair feel soft and smooth. It does this by adding high fatty acids to your strands, you could think of it as really good food for your strands. It’s a natural frizz fighter and great for all of those Curly Girls out there. 
Shea Butter also has healing properties such as anti-inflammation, which is great for those itchy and sore spots. It is also high in Vitamin E which as an antioxidant is able to neutralise free radicals on the hair follicles. Which means it may even help to promote new hair growth. 
As a pretty sturdy ingredient, you will find it across both natural soap-based bars and in syndet (synthetic-detergent) bars. However, without the use of sulphates or detergents in syndet bars, Shea Butter in natural soap-based bars like Solibar is able to work more efficiently in providing nourishment for your hair and scalp. (Because quite simply is it not being stripped out by detergents in the wash). If you’ve used Solibar you will know that once past transition, your hair will actually feel soft and fluffy in the shower. It is also the reason why we’re no-poo approved, and can be used without conditioner. 
Now is the time to make the switch to a natural soap-based shampoo bar, that is not only going to be the best healthy haircare alternative but good for the planet too. 🌏


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