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We've got 20 of the hottest hair tips that you'll ever find.

We've put together the hottest hair tips to make sure that you're always having a great hair day... 

1. USE THE COOL BUTTON - that blue button on your hairdryer is there for a reason, it will help to set your hair at the end of a style. Using cold air helps to close the hair cuticle and relax your hair. So make sure you cool off.

    2. FRIZZ FIGHTER No 1 - adding a cold rinse at the end of your shower will help to settle the frizz in your hair. Try it, we dare you.
    3. SAVE THE CURLS - just got your hair done? Save the style by wearing a small headband to bed, and it will save your style.
    4. GO NATURAL - natural haircare has many benefits for your hair, scalp and even your hormones. Using haircare that is not full of chemicals is the best option for you and even the environment. Check out our bars here.
    5. SLIPPERY BOBBYPINS - just add a little hairspray or dry shampoo and let them dry a little before placing into your hair. This is perfect those fine straight-haired girls who have trouble keeping them in place.


      6. TAME FLYAWAYS - by using a toothbrush to brush your hair into place.
      7. QUICK WASH - pretend your hair is clean by just washing your fringe. It's quick and easy and will make your hair appear fresh.
      8. FRIZZ FIGHTER No 2 - sleep with a beanie on, this will help to naturally flatten those flyaways.
      9. BALANCE pH & REMOVE BUILD UP - by doing a monthly acid rinse such as apple cider vinegar - here's how you do it - rinses. If you've used a silicone shampoo it's important that you use a clarifying shampoo to remove it as natural rinses are not strong enough... more. 
      10. REFRESH CURLS - use the cool setting on the hairdryer whilst swinging your head from side to side.
      11. GET VOLUME - by blow-drying your roots first, even use your fingers to space out the strands.
      12. DONT BE ORGANICALLY FOOLED - remember that 100% organic hair colour is not possible as in order to dye your hair a certain amount of chemicals are required to physically change the colour of the strands. That being said, it's still possibly a better option than 100% synthetic dyes. 
      13. STAY AWAY FROM NASTIES - ingredients like sulphates (yes even the coconut sulphates) are bad for your hair, as they strip your hair of its natural oils. Other baddies to say away from include parabens, ammonia etc. Always check the ingredients on the package. Here's what to look for... baddies.
      14. DRY SHAMPOO - is best used right before bed, that way you give the product time to work and soak up oil. We've got some natural options here. 
      15. NEED A COLOUR TOUCH UP - don't let regrowth get you down, there are several powdered colour products that you can buy that will help you to cover those roots for a special occasion. 
      16. FRIZZ FIGHTER No 3 - sleeping on a silk pillow will help to relax your hair by not roughing up the cuticle the way that cotton does. 
      17. CURLY GIRL METHOD - to do the CG method stay away from sulphates and always use a conditioner. See how Solibar can help here.
      18. STAY LIGHT & BRIGHT - keep your blonde/silver bright by using a purple/violet shampoo - we've got one here.
      19. KEEP YOUR HAIR STRONG - these vitamins and minerals iron, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein will help to stimulate growth and keep your hair strong. And you can find them all in food!
      20. TRIM, TRIM, TRIM - regular trims not only help your hair to grow, but it also stops split ends from spreading up the shaft. 


        Have you got any tips to add? Please let us know via hitting the Messenger button. 

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