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The real benefits of natural detergent-free haircare 👩‍🦳

Em Mango

So you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a healthy haircare alternative such as Solibar. But you’re still wondering what the benefits are? So we’ve listed them for you. 

Key benefits of making the switch to Solibar:

  • Return your hair to its natural self without, as it was when you were little.
  • Restore shine, volume and strength - with fewer split ends. 
  • Restored curls and bounce
  • Increased days between washes as your hair begins to self regulate its oils.
  • Increased length between colouring.
  • No more moisture being stripped from your hair, your hair feels soft in the shower.
  • Less need for a conditioner or just on the ends & less frequently.
  • Positive comments from family, friends & co-workers.
  • Decreased scalp irritation due to lack of detergents & natural ingredients.
  • Long-lasting bars with up to 60-90 washes per shampoo bar.  
  • Plastic-free, zero waste & greywater safe. Environmental win!
But don’t just take our word for it - check out all of the reviews that help us build the list above here.           

Key information about Solibar:

All of our Solibars are made with the finest natural ingredients which are then solidified by a process called saponification into a useable shampoo, conditioner, or body bar. This means that we only need to use the ingredients that are necessary to make our delicious range of haircare & body bars. Because our bars are soap-based this means that they are synthetic detergent-free. (Also 100% Vegan & cruelty-free). Leaving you with the most natural way you could wash your hair possible. 

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