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Disappointed that the product does not lather no matter how much I use.

A wonderful product!

Using Solibar has my hair looking the best it has for ages, shiny and healthy. I love the smell and the ease of use

It is taking a bit of getting used to but I’m sticking with it. Love the smell makes my bathroom smell great too.

Loving the bar shampoo

So easy to use, takes up less room when travelling and no chance of spills. Leaves my hair squeaky clean. Had nor been using a conditioner at all since changing to Solibar, but have purchased them in a bundle to see how it goes.

Great product! Love supporting local small business especially ones that produce fantastic, enviro friendly products that are top shelf!

Conditioner Solibar

Love this bar.
My hair is very thick, long and curly.
I will re-order

Awesome, love these products.
My hair feels so soft & I don’t need to use leave in conditioner now.
I will be buying more shampoo & conditioner bars

Best Hair Shampoo

My daughter has dry and curly hair, the shampoo from supper market make her hair more dry and not natural curly but Solibar make her hair healthy and natural curly.

Shampoo Bars that are amazing

I've tried quiet a few shampoo bars & Solibar is the only one to tick all the boxes, my hair is med length & quiet thick, I only use the conditioner bar occasionally & my hair feels great all tge time, more than happy with these beautiful bars

Solibar bundle

Omg. I love this product. Good for you, good for the environment and great value!

Lemony blow ya mind

Swapped from Pina Coloda to Lemony bar & loving the feel of this. Am transitioning to grey so havent tried my purple bar yet.

Return buyer

Love these bars. Hair feels great & don’t have to wash as often. No plastic. Easy to travel with.

Wonderful product

Buying the bundle allows me to prepared. Always have a spare. Been using your shampoo and conditioner for over 12 mths, very pleased with both.

It’s just suits my hair.

Leaves my hair shinny.

Fast delivery. Love the blonde shampoo, my hair feels so much nicer than other companies bar shampoos. Looking forward to trying the conditioner and face bars.


Don’t like the conditioner, shampoo is good, do you make a rinse for grey hair to keep it from yellowing

Lather,rinse,lather, rinse. Easy!

I don’t have to wash my hair as often as prior to using Solibar Blonde shampoo. My hair is squeaky clean and even has more body than before. Occasionally I use the conditioner but it’s not necessary every wash. The secret is to lather your hair, rinse, lather a second time & final rinse. Easy!

Blonde Way or Another. Giving it more time

My hair is still a bit flat and lifeless after 40 days. Have done a few apple cider vinegar rinses too. Hairdresser cut it and used purple shampoo and conditioner yesterday. It looks fab but hopefully hasn't reversed all my efforts. I'm happy to give it longer, but needing 3-4 shampoos with the bar to get a decent lather. The bar is half used. Still happy to give it a bit longer as my scalp does feel better and less irritated.


I find the Solibar shampoo lathers up great.
So easy to take away. Squeaky clean hair. No conditioner required.


I loved how the conditioning bar softened my hair and the smell was devine.


Yes I like very much and my buddy uses it to and likes it

Great product

My hair has never felt better, so much better than it's regular dosing of chemicals in my previous shampoo. And a win for the planet ditching the plastics!

Very clean hair

Hair is squeaky clean and no brassiness at all. I have grey hair and it seems to look healthier.

Wonderful product

I'll never go back to using Shampoo in the bottle ever again!

Trying my best to be patient.

I am still with hair in training and slightly nervous if my hair without all the “bad things that make it shiny Smell good and feel soft” will hair that I will be happy with- but I am still toughing it out! Im Naturally tangly, but fine- so I’ve been skipping the conditioner because it was weighing it down.