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Based on 399 reviews
Fabulous as usual

Solibar is all I use & very pleased 👍

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Solibar Shampoo

I love that the Silibars are so ECO friendly. I livwe them for my hair, too.

Hair shampoo

Makes hair nice and soft

Amazing shampoo bar

Just a little too small for price and doesn’t last long

Apple-Y ever after conditioner

I love this conditioner. It feels great in my hair and smells amazing.

Not for my hair

This made my dry hair drier and felt harsh, I persevered, used conditioner on the ends but after 3 weeks my hair hadn’t improved any, on a positive note it smells beautiful and doesn’t irritate my scalp at all, it was a pity I wanted it to work for me.

Rock The Facebar Bundle

like the product

Love the shampoo, don't love the perfume it has.

Solibar CONDITIONER Bundle

Blonde Way or Another Shampoo

I am very happy with this product, I found that the conditioner is not needed and the bar lasts for ages making it also great value.

So good, I ordered more

I swear by these shampoo and conditioner bars - my hair and scalp feels so much better and healthier. My hair used to be very flat as I tried products to get rid of frizz but they made my hair so thin and my scalp was super itchy every time I washed my hair. With Solibar all that is gone - my hair looks and feels healthy, soft and shines, plus no more itchy scalp. Can only recommend.


Hi Solibar. BTW, its Nicki here as Richard actually purchased the original product for me to try. I love the shampoo bar as I have very fine & fragile hair. This product is fantastic, surprisingly economical, good value & very gentle on my hair leaving it shiny & soft. Different to the original recommendations, I do have to use the conditioner bar with the shampoo bar during every wash as I find it very effective to reduce all the hair tangles, as again I have very fine hair & definitely need the solibar conditioner in conjunction with the Solibar shampoo after each wash. I love these products & will continue to use. Cheers Nicki.

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Michelle Hockey
Fantastic shampoo

My daughter gave me 2 of the shampoo bars and 1 conditioner bar in July. I have used the shampoo bars every 2 days. They leave my hair feeling and smelling great. I have only had to use the conditioner bar twice in all that time. When I went to order more I saw the 3 bar bundle and it was a good price so decided on that one. 3 bars will last me quite some time.

My favourite shampoo bar

I always get the kisses by a rose - suits my dark hair perfectly. Have been using the shampoo bars for the last 2 years - no more flaky scalp, only use a leave in conditioner and my hair is in great condition!

Three SHAMPOO Bundle
Brooke Gordon
Great product

Love these shampoos, they smell so good and I only wash my hair twice a week now!

Plastic free essential goods

good stuff

my hair looks fab and I’ve avoided more plastic pollution being added to our world!

Love Solibar!

I got the 3 x bundle and love all of them. Blonde all the way and my favourite Pina Calada!
My hair feels softer and fuller. Very happy

No shrinking bars

Love the dock (which I bought in silver/grey). Keeps my bars dry which then stops them from shrinking. They also look elegant and take up less room on shower shelf. Definitely recommend!

Love how simple it is

Apple-y Ever After

So happy with this conditioner. Being a very dry hair person, I found that this particular conditioner still leaves my hair feeling soft and silky.

Shampoo/ conditioner

The shampoo bar seems to be cleaning my hair very well , the conditioner bar is hard to lather up and I wouldn’t rate this very high.

Solibar Shampoo Bars are fantastic

I was using the Rose shampoo bar and getting excellent results but needed to wash my hair each alternate day. I changed to Pina Coladas & was very happy with the results. I now only wash my hair every third, or occasionally fourth day. It is soft and manageable. My hairdresser confirmed my hair is in great condition. Best of all I love the fact that I’m using natural products on my scalp. Keep up the good work Em - your shampoo bars are the best!

My Block Dock

I have mine sitting on the outside of the shower recess as everything gets too wet inside. I just pop the bar back on the dock when I've finished using it. Much better than putting the bar on the side of the bath, then having trouble getting it off.