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Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser

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Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser
Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser Solibar
Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser
Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser

The activated face cleansing bar to let your inner beauty rock out.  


Let's face it it's time for a change, our zero waste face cleansing Solibar is finally here and ready to clean. 

With activated charcoal, our Rock The Facebar cleanser is able to gently remove dirt, oils and impurities from your face. This helps to deeply purify your pores and detoxify the skin. 

The secret ingredient is Carrot Seed Oil which has shown to have antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. This makes it great for skin as it may help to provide hydrating rejuvenation. 

But let's not forget Wintergreen Essential Oil with Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate and wash away blackheads and whiteheads, leaving you with smooth skin that you can really feel. 

As our Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser Solibar is made from natural ingredients and is really gentle, it can be used daily to keep your skin clean and clear. 

Check out how to care for your bar here. 


Our Rock The Facebar Face Cleanser Bar is 70 grams & contains the following ingredients: Coconut Oil, Local Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Water, Caustic Soda, Coconut Cream, Activated Charcoal, White French Clay, Wintergreen Essential Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Lavender Essential Oil *includes Salicylic Acid

*All of our bars contain natural ingredients, are Vegan-friendly and tested only on us. 

**If you have sensitivities, we recommend you check the ingredients above and patch test prior to use. 

***As our Solibars are handmade, weight can differ a little. We aim for 70 grams per bar***

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Molly Kramer
Great title

I use it everyday! I even use it as a body wash specifically on the back of my arms where I used to get some red bumps, and it has cleared them up! I hope one day there’s a full body wash soap with the same texture in it.
Thanks for all you do! Xx

Maria Johnstone
Fantastic product

Excellent for fine hair.

Rock the Facebar

I find this a great cleanser for my 47 year old skin. My skin comes up nice and clean witj no tightnedd or irritation. My skin is very happy with it. I also use it on my 15 year old and 12 year old. The eldest has a bit of eczema and pimples and blackheads. I've tried other soap based and the normal cleansers but I find this one works the best. Less break outs and skin flakes. He is autistic and he likes that he can be mostly independent washing his face with a bar. My daughter is a the 12 year old just starting to get pimples and blackheads. She is more olive skinned than the rest of us so will see how she goes. Hoping it will work as well for her as it has for us. Very happy.

Jenni Vranesic
Really good

The face bar really surprised me. I don’t need much to get a good lather in my hands before washing my face. I get “squeaky clean” without drying out. I don’t love the smell as it’s a bit medicinal but great product with no plastic. I’m 52 with normal skin and a few fine lines. Definitely hasn’t dried my skin.

Lisa Harris
Great product

My girls have been using the charcoal bar for a few weeks now and it leaves their skin feeling so soft and clean. It is helping with their acne too. They love it