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Let us help you to find the right Solibar for your hair type

Em Mango

When moving to natural haircare it’s often hard to work out which Solibar might be the best in your hair. Of course, we know that everyone is different but we thought we would take the time to talk about different hair types and which Solibar is right for you...

Blonde Way Or Another - this Solibar is perfect for those that are looking for a natural option to lighten and brighten their hair. Designed with our fair-haired friends in mind it combines the wonderful properties of zinc oxide to help reflect UV rays and promote hair growth. Purple Mica is responsible for its brilliantly toning violet colour. As one of our lightest bars in the range, it is perfect for those fine bottle blondes or those natural ash blondes. And the best part is that some brunettes love it too. If you would like some more information on why you should consider a purple shampoo visit this post. 
If you have fine hair, we suggest you opting for one of our bars that do not contain the French Clays. For this reason, the best options for fine hair is our If You Like Pina Coladas Solibar or our Blonde Way Or Another bar. We know that fine hair can feel heavy with different products and can instantly feel weighed down. 
If you are one of those lucky ones who is blessed with voluptuous locks, then our Kiss By A Rose Solibar or our Lemone Blow Ya Mind Solibars is the right choice for you. Both of these Solibars are great on thicker hair that lacks moisture or usually quite dense. The French Pink Clay helps to remove build-up from your scalp and strands while cleansing your scalp from dead skin cells, flakiness and excess oil. Which means healthy new hair can grow in its place. In our Lemone Blow Ya Mind Solibar we have French Yellow Clay which is a powerful yet mild cleansing clay that will leave your scalp feeling brand new. Both of these Solibars work wonders for those with thicker locks.
We know that some of you might experience overly oily hair while your hair goes through a period of transition and formally breaks up with your previous shampoo. As our Solibars do not have syndet (synthetic-detergent shampoo bars) ingredients in them, your hair will need time to adjust to a new way of washing. If you are one of those people who usually washes their hair often due to sebum buildup/oiliness, we suggest you opt for our lightest Solibar to start with. This would be our If You Like Pina Coladas Solibar. You will find that as a result of moving to a new way of washing (sans sulphates) that you should eventually be able to stretch out the days between washes. This results in more economical use of our bars but also less time in the shower. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Just the same way our Solibars work with oily hair they can also work with dry hair. Hair becomes dry through a variety of different factors such as heat tools, products, silicones, hairstyles, hormones, hair dyes and more. If you have thicker hair we would suggest you try either our Kiss By A Rose Solibar or our Lemone Blow Ya Mind Solibar. Both have French Clays that are able to provide extra nourishment and lock in some of that lost moisture. They also promote new hair growth aim to tackle dryness head-on. 
Dandruff is one of those really frustrating scalp issues that can be irritated by washing your hair as each time you wash you are removing precious oils from your scalp. As Solibar does not contain harsh stripping detergents, it works with your natural sebum production to help your scalp clean itself as intended to by nature. This means that dandruff is to become less and prevalent. The nourishing qualities of zinc in our If You Like Pina Coladas Solibar is a great one to start with. However as all of our Solibars are built on the same principle, you could use any of the range and this would help to remove scalp flakiness. 
Scalp sensitivity is possibly one of the most complained about hair concerns. No one wants to walk around scratching or having itchy red bumps. There are a number of causes of scalp sensitivity such as dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, allergies, hormones, some cosmetics, pollution, water, certain laundry detergents, certain hair products including dyes and relaxers, sunburn, heat, cold, wind, head lice, insect bites. To help combat these issues and to provide some soothing relief from an itchy scalp we created our Calma Chameleon Solibar. It’s our no-frills Solibar and is as basic as possible. Which means it comes as it is, without coloured clays or essential oils. If this isn’t an issue for you we also recommend our Lemone Blow Ya Mind Solibar as it contains the soothing properties of lemon essential oil, chamomile flowers and French Yellow Clay to combat and balance itchy spots.
As all of our Solibars are akin to the no-poo method and are Curls Bot approved they can be used on all curly types. (No sulphates of any type including those coco-sulphates) If you have lighter coloured hair opt for the  If You Like Pina Coladas Solibar or our Blonde Way Or Another Solibar. And if you have darker hair go for the  Kiss By A Rose Solibar or our Lemone Blow Ya Mind Solibar.
As all of our Solibars are without the nasty ingredients, they are ok to be used on your kids or your dog. However, we do suggest opting for our Calma Chameleon Solibar as it has nothing extra added in. Also as our Solibar are natural soap-based and do not contain ingredients designed to mask eye irritation, (WTF yes, they do - read more) please be careful when washing your children’s hair. We would never want any of our Solibars to get in their eyes. 
If you have lighter coloured hair opt for the  If You Like Pina Coladas Solibar or our Blonde Way Or Another Solibar. As the ingredient zinc has a really great luminous effect and works really well to bring out those natural highlights. 
If you have darker hair go for the Kiss By A Rose Solibar or our Lemone Blow Ya Mind Solibar. (Unless you want the toning effect of the Blonde Way Or Another Solibar.)
Sometimes we’re just not ready to show our real self and that’s totally ok - we made the  Kiss By A Rose Solibar for you. It has this super ingredient called Alkanet Root that has some Ayurvedic therapeutic properties. On your hair alkanet root may help with encouraging hair growth, putting a stop to shedding and providing some coverage with premature greying. 
The key here is that the way Solibars work - they will not change your hair colour - we’ve written more about this one here.
Still not sure? That’s why we have our mixed bundles so you can choose between a couple of different Solibars to find the right one for you. We’ve even included the option to pick your own mix. Get it below.
If you want to see this in a handy table format visit this page - here

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